Tuesday, December 07, 2010

VA - The Worldwide Tribute To The Real Oi! Vol. 2

1.Englands Belongs To Me (Roger Miret & The Disasters)
2.The Jinx (Ignite)
3.Stark Raving Normal (Second Chance)
4.We're Coming Back (The Bouncing Souls)
5.One Law For Them (Brightside)
6.Badman (Harley Cromag & Friends)
7.King Of The Jungle (Death Threat)
8.Friday Night (Hardsell)
9.Where Are They Now (Vision)
10.Drinking and Driving (Murphy's Law)
11.Propaganda (Beans)
12.Gang Warfare (Powerhouse)
13.Real Enemy (Funeral Dress)
14.Gotta Go (Milwall Roi)
15.Voice Of A Generation (Roger Miret & The Disasters) *** (rip problems)
16.Maradona (Ignite)
17.I Won't Pay For Liberty (Second Chance)
18.The Beginning Of The End (The Bouncing Souls)
19.Hippie Punks (Brightside)
20.Freedom (Harley Cromag & Friends)
21.Poseur (Death Threat)
22.Take The Blame (Hardsell)
23.Let's Break The Law (Vision)
24.What's Wrong Boyz (Beans)
25.Maniac (Powerhouse)
26.Loud and Clear (Funeral Dress)
27.She's a Skinhead Girl Warrior (Last Resort)

..year: 2002
..buy: Interpunk.com
..home-page: various
..linkS: http://1d045959.linkbucks.com
password: hha

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