Monday, November 15, 2010

the STUCK-UPS - The Stuck Ups

The Stuck-Ups began in 1998 in Seattle, Washington as an all girl punk band. They self-released a four song 7" in January, 2001 and Sympathy For The Record Industry released The Stuck-Ups LP (produced by Billy Childish) about six months later. Members came and went until 2002, when the current incarnation of Tiffany, Meredith, Justin, and Nora came together. The Stuck-Ups have all been in other bands which you have never heard of such as Bottle of Smoke, Alta May, The Valentine Killers, Amp 176, Beautiful Losers, Radio Sweetheart, Los Diablos del Sol, Penis NV, The Castros and more. The Stuck-Ups recorded their second full length record, Human Doll Express, which was released in October 2002 on Sympathy for the Record Industry. The band split in December 2003 but old habits die hard... Their last sessions at Egg Studios, Our Time, was released by Squirrel Records in 2006 as a split with The Nasties from Italy. Currently, they are waiting for the big money offers to roll in. Are they stuck-up? And how.

tRaCkS's got a hard-on
2.good girl
3.kill yourself
4.bad rep boyfriend
6.stuck-ups treat me like a spastic
9.waitin' 4 U
11.can's stand U
12.sucidie the prostitutes

..year: 2001
..label: Sympathy for The Record Industry
..format & quality: mp3/@256kbps ECD-DA Creator Professional
password: hha

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