Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Idea Fanzine Comp #11 - Big Pants Waste Precious Fabric

Punk compilation from '95, No Idea Zine and Record company...

1.chesapeake (Don's Ex-Girlfriend)
2.spores in ferns (Sparkmarker)
3.the re-makeshift chimney (Friction)
4.kicked to the curb (Frontier Trust)
5.stepmother earth (Radon)
6.rumble (Ne'er Do Wells)
7.corners (Assuck)
8.super sonic enemy of evil (Guzzard)
9.perspectives (Bombshell)
10.pooploops vs. barney (Schlong)
11.never (Undertow)
12.calypso louie (Clairmel)
13.rebound (When Puberty Strikes)
14.12 years of living hell (Assfactor 4)
15.liquor store (Less Than Jake)
16.eyes of hatred (Union Morbide)
17.from now on (Tired From Now On)
18.mind my mind (Rain Like the Sound of Trains)
19.some cringer song (Vanbuilderass)
20.wake of deception (Drop Dead)
21.accident prone (Gus)
22.Pnoomonia (El Toro)
23.shitbeats (Highway 66)
24.die silent (Initial State)
25.outside of the law (Grain)
26.pepper (Radio Wendy)
27.chemicals (live) (J Church) (Gimcrack)
29.gobstopper (Corsair)

..year: 1995
..format & quality: mp3/@320kbps
password: hha

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