Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Henry's Dream

Henry's Dream, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' seventh studio album, contains songs critics and fans alike have come to regard as indisputable classics from the band's oeuvre: "Papa Won't Leave You, Henry", "Christina the Astonishing", and "Jack the Ripper", to name just a few.
Yet, for the band, Henry's Dream undeniably epitomises - much more so than any of their other albums - the loss of control that ensues when one has exerted but a slippery grip on some very vertiginous circumstances. Ironically, Henry's Dream became one of the Bad Seeds most loved records.

1.papa won't leave you, henry
2.i had a dream, joe
3.straight to you, my cup is empty
5.christina the astonishing
6.when i first came to town
7.john finn's wife
8.loom of the land
9.jack the ripper

..year: 1992
..format & quality: mp3/@320kbps
password: hha


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