Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New Model Army - Radio Sessions 83-84

this is easily one of the greatest post-punk compilations i've heard. NMA has both a message and strong melodies that carry them through.
the album is VERY approachable, even if you don't particularly like punk rock. there's no band i want to compare them to, because i feel like they have their own sound & it's a sound i love. give this a listen; u'll love it too. >> kit kate bear <<

1.great expectations
2.I wish
3.notice me
4.liberal education
5.small town england
6.spirit of the falklands
7.christian militia
8.running in the rain
9.the cause
10.drag it down
12.the attack

..year: 2002
..format & quality: .flac/level 8
..buy: www.newmodelarmy.com
..home-page: www.newmodelarmy.org
password: hha

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