Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Henry's Dream

Henry's Dream, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' seventh studio album, contains songs critics and fans alike have come to regard as indisputable classics from the band's oeuvre: "Papa Won't Leave You, Henry", "Christina the Astonishing", and "Jack the Ripper", to name just a few.
Yet, for the band, Henry's Dream undeniably epitomises - much more so than any of their other albums - the loss of control that ensues when one has exerted but a slippery grip on some very vertiginous circumstances. Ironically, Henry's Dream became one of the Bad Seeds most loved records.

1.papa won't leave you, henry
2.i had a dream, joe
3.straight to you, my cup is empty
5.christina the astonishing
6.when i first came to town
7.john finn's wife
8.loom of the land
9.jack the ripper

..year: 1992
..format & quality: mp3/@320kbps
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Os Estudantes - Album

Raw punk rock band from Brasil. Singed in Portuguese...

3.não quero saber
9.treze anos
10.meus olhos
12.kamikaze kid
14.medo da vida
16.24hs por dia

..year: 2009
..format & quality: mp3/@320kbps
password: hha

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crispus Attucks - Red Black Blood Attack

Crispus Attucks takes the focused rage of traditional D.C. hardcore and turns it up another notch. Loud and angry, the band's modern take on hardcore is a stark contrast to the melodic forms popular today.

tRaCkS, two, three...die!
2.danger in the streets
3.schools of assassins
4.december 15, 1891
5.if we can't have it, we're gonna take it black blood attack
7.native son with no nation
8.the fight remains the same
9.drug the war
10.the new slavery
11.the rage and fury
13.i don't want to destroy everything...just you
14.che sells, and so do you
15.I pledge
16.sick-o (infest)

..year: 2001
..format & quality: mp3/@320kbps
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No Idea Fanzine Comp #11 - Big Pants Waste Precious Fabric

Punk compilation from '95, No Idea Zine and Record company...

1.chesapeake (Don's Ex-Girlfriend)
2.spores in ferns (Sparkmarker)
3.the re-makeshift chimney (Friction)
4.kicked to the curb (Frontier Trust)
5.stepmother earth (Radon)
6.rumble (Ne'er Do Wells)
7.corners (Assuck)
8.super sonic enemy of evil (Guzzard)
9.perspectives (Bombshell)
10.pooploops vs. barney (Schlong)
11.never (Undertow)
12.calypso louie (Clairmel)
13.rebound (When Puberty Strikes)
14.12 years of living hell (Assfactor 4)
15.liquor store (Less Than Jake)
16.eyes of hatred (Union Morbide)
17.from now on (Tired From Now On)
18.mind my mind (Rain Like the Sound of Trains)
19.some cringer song (Vanbuilderass)
20.wake of deception (Drop Dead)
21.accident prone (Gus)
22.Pnoomonia (El Toro)
23.shitbeats (Highway 66)
24.die silent (Initial State)
25.outside of the law (Grain)
26.pepper (Radio Wendy)
27.chemicals (live) (J Church) (Gimcrack)
29.gobstopper (Corsair)

..year: 1995
..format & quality: mp3/@320kbps
password: hha
Social Distortion - Live in Orange County

Great DVD audio rip show...hey punk!!, this is Social Distortion get it!!

2.making believe
4.sick boy
5.telling them
6.bad luck
7.footprints on my ceiling
8.don't drag me down
9.i wasn't born to follow
10.another state of mind
11.the creeps
12.mommy's little monster
13.mass hysteria
14.99 to life
15.ring of fire
16.story of my life

..year: 2004
..format & quality: mp3/@256kbps ECD-DA Creator Professional
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crispus Attucks - Destroy The Teacher

The second album from Washington, D.C.'s hard-driving and poli-spewing aggressive nightmares. A thrash'n'burn sixteen-track "old school" hardcore pile-on to get slammed to. LP packaged with a huge, fold-out newspaper poster inside. Skate and destroy.

2.if not p then q
4.convenience kills
7.separation of the people & hate
8.america's war
9.raise your head
10.deny youth head
11.the article of libertaria
12.falling in shame
13.bloody lies
14.under the banner of king death
15.dead idols dead

..year: 2000
..format & quality: mp3/@320kbps
..home-page: n/a
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Wire - Pink Flag

Classic stuff from the '70s

2.field day for the sundays
3.three girl rhumba
4.ex lion tamer
6.start to move
7.brazil's so obvious
9.surgeon's girl flag
11.the commercial
12.straight line
13.106 beats that suit
18.different to me
20.feeling called love
21.12 xu
22.options R

..year: 1977
..format & quality: mp3/@256kbps ECD-DA Creator Professional
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Monday, November 15, 2010

the STUCK-UPS - The Stuck Ups

The Stuck-Ups began in 1998 in Seattle, Washington as an all girl punk band. They self-released a four song 7" in January, 2001 and Sympathy For The Record Industry released The Stuck-Ups LP (produced by Billy Childish) about six months later. Members came and went until 2002, when the current incarnation of Tiffany, Meredith, Justin, and Nora came together. The Stuck-Ups have all been in other bands which you have never heard of such as Bottle of Smoke, Alta May, The Valentine Killers, Amp 176, Beautiful Losers, Radio Sweetheart, Los Diablos del Sol, Penis NV, The Castros and more. The Stuck-Ups recorded their second full length record, Human Doll Express, which was released in October 2002 on Sympathy for the Record Industry. The band split in December 2003 but old habits die hard... Their last sessions at Egg Studios, Our Time, was released by Squirrel Records in 2006 as a split with The Nasties from Italy. Currently, they are waiting for the big money offers to roll in. Are they stuck-up? And how.

tRaCkS's got a hard-on
2.good girl
3.kill yourself
4.bad rep boyfriend
6.stuck-ups treat me like a spastic
9.waitin' 4 U
11.can's stand U
12.sucidie the prostitutes

..year: 2001
..label: Sympathy for The Record Industry
..format & quality: mp3/@256kbps ECD-DA Creator Professional
password: hha

This is a rare '80s hardcore gem.. I don't get the covers of the demo cassette tape.. and this is not in best shape, but who cares..? IT´S CLASSIC SPERM'S STUFF.... GET IT!!

1.i'm trapped god rides a skateboard
3.wasted trixi
4.fuck you
5.opie gets knuckie

..year: 1985
..format & quality: mp3/320kbps Audacity
..hardware: ION Tape Express Plus n/a
password: hha
Death - For the Whole World to See (LP real Vinyl ripping)

Death were a black power trio from Detroit who released a single in 1975 and pretty much disappeared after that. Inspired by the raw Rock 'N' Roll of The Stooges and MC5, the three brothers moved away from their Funk/R&B roots into a new realm. ...For The Whole World To See features the two songs from the single ('Keep On Knocking' and 'Politicians In My Eyes') and five other tracks. Drag City. 2009.
So of course lots of reviews are going to compare this band to early Bad Brains. Besides the fact that they are all African-American, I don't think that is completely accurate. It's not proto-hardcore's more proto-punk and more on, just straight, brutal Detroit punk rock here.
Songs 6 & 7 feature some of the same vocal peculiarities that the Bad Brains had but this is still 16th note, closed hi-hat punk rock and NOT hardcore ala Middle Class, Discharge, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Die Kreuzen, etc.
These 1975 sessions were cut at the same time the Ramones were cutting their demos in NYC. Totally mindblowing, fast punk here. Hard to believe it was recorded in '75.
If you like Ramones, Johnny Thunders, Dead Boys, Mitch Ryder, Stooges, MC5's 2nd LP, Chuck Berry, Bad Brains' "Black Dots," and a million more things. These 7 songs coming out of the blue like this are truly one of the most historic discoveries of the punk / psych / post-punk / KBD -era to have ever been found.

-- by Joseph Broze, Chicago

Side A
1.Keep On Knocking
2.Rock'n Roll Victim
3.Let the World Turn
4.You're A Prisoner
Side B
1.Freakin' Out
2.Where Do We Go From Here
3.Politicians In My Eyes

year: 2009 (original recorded on '75)
format & quality: mp3/320kbps
software: Audacity
hardware: ION Audio Turntable
buy: or
home-page: n/a
password: hha

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New Model Army - Radio Sessions 83-84

this is easily one of the greatest post-punk compilations i've heard. NMA has both a message and strong melodies that carry them through.
the album is VERY approachable, even if you don't particularly like punk rock. there's no band i want to compare them to, because i feel like they have their own sound & it's a sound i love. give this a listen; u'll love it too. >> kit kate bear <<

1.great expectations
2.I wish
3.notice me
4.liberal education
5.small town england
6.spirit of the falklands
7.christian militia
8.running in the rain
9.the cause
10.drag it down
12.the attack

..year: 2002
..format & quality: .flac/level 8
password: hha