Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Where Superchunk's self-titled debut otherwise failed to live up to the brilliance of its anti-anthem centerpiece "Slack Motherfucker," the follow-up No Pocky for Kitty is a complete and fully realized statement of purpose -- opening with the dizzying "Skip Steps 1 & 3," the disc never lets up for a second, crackling with an energy and breathless abandon that underlines the sheer exuberance at the heart of even Mac McCaughan's most superficially bitter songs. Although No Pocky for Kitty successfully channels the sound and spirit of punk's heyday, for all their whiplash guitars and spitfire rhythms Superchunk's songs derive their power not from nihilism and ennui but from optimism and passion -- implicit in McCaughan's lyrics is a belief in creation over destruction, hope over cynicism, and love over hate. Credit too Steve Albini's no-frills recording for the live-wire snap and crackle of standouts like "Seed Toss," "Punch Me Harder," and "Throwing Things" -- for all its earthy simplicity and everyman conviction, No Pocky for Kitty positively soars. -- by Jason Ankeny

1.skip steps 1 & 3
2.seed toss
3.cast iron
5.punch me harder
6.sprung a leak
7.30 xtra
8.tie a rope to the back of the bus
12.throwing things

..year: 1991
..format & quality: flac (free lossless audio codec) - level 8
password: hha


Toxxy said...

Thank you for this one! But please check the 3rd link... does not work. Can we have another working link please?

Nagiants40 said...

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Toxxy said...

Yeah, let's wait and see Nagi, maybe the link will soon work again.

Lookin' forward to these lossless tunes my old friend, I am sure you have done a real good job :-)

I'm doin' okay - and I hope you are well too. For the last half year or so I have only shared my music as torrents, I should have done this much sooner, I am in some great forums :-)

Take care Nagi, "talk" to you soon again!

Toxxy said...

Great Nagi! Thx for the re-ups, gonna grab the 3rd link right now!

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