Sunday, October 10, 2010

''We never really thought about it; we just got up and did it,''. KIM MCAULIFFE of Girlschool says when she's asked to reflect on her band's impact on rock 'n' roll -- and particularly the hard rock and heavy metal scenes.
''Everybody used to tell us we were groundbreaking, because we were all girls playing this sort of music. We didn't think about it. We always said ''Why are people making all this fuss?'' The reason we were all girls was we couldn't find any blokes who wanted to play with us! This was just the natural thing to do.'' MCAULIFFE is being modest, of course.
The British group is one of those bands whose legacy is far richer than it's commercial accomplishments -- a shame, since its catalog of albums contains any number of tightly written melodies that are played with plenty of guitar crunch and enough swaggering attitude to let 'em walk with the boys...

1.screaming blue murder dirty got me
4.hit and run
5.nothing to lose
6.future flash
7.running for cover
8.burning in the heat
9.demolition boys
11.i like it like that
12.c'mon, let's go
14.20th century boy
15.race with the devil

..year: 1997
..format & quality: .FLAC (free lossless audio codec) - level 8

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