Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Infa-Riot - Still Out Of Order (.FLAC)

Infa Riot were originally formed in late 1979 by vocalist Lee Wilson and his bass playing brother Floyd together with guitarist Barry Damery and drummer Mark Reynolds. The name Infa Riot is an abbreviation for "In For A Riot." Infa-Riot's first gig was supporting The Angelic Upstarts in a North London pub, Mensi was a huge fan. Heavily influenced by The Angelic Upstarts, Infa Riot, within a year of forming, found themselves in "Sounds" newspaper courtesy of a live review by none other than the Upstarts vocalist Mensi who was impressed by the bands performance at Hornsey Community Centre, only their fourth every gig! By November of 1980 they'd completely blown off the Lyceum stage both Chelsea and The Dark and earnt themselves the tag 'the new boot boys sensations' in the countless fanzines they managed to appear in. It though seemed that Infa-Riot never really had a steady drummer, it seemed to changed monthly. Their first issued recordings were 2 tracks on the "Strength Through Oi!" compilationin May 1981. These 2 songs were "Riot Riot" and "We Outnumber You." Infa-Riot's first single was released in September 1981 on Secret records. This was the double "a" side "Kids Of The '80's"/ "Still Out Of Order." This single entered the U.K. Indie Charts at ..9 position & reached ..2. In February of '82, they played at the "Gathering Of The Clans" Festival in Scotland. At this festival they played with The Exploited, Vice Squad & Anti-Nowhere League + many other great legendary bands.
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classic street punk oi! band!!

1.emergency ain't seen nothing yet
3.five minute fashion
4.each dawn I die
5.the drug squad
6.still out of order
7.catch 22
10.the winner
11.friday oh friday
12.cataloque kids for a riot of the eighties
15.schools out
16.feel the rage
17.five minute fashion (demo)
18.riot riot (demo)

..year: 1993
..format & quality: .flac/level 8
password: hha


Toxxy said...

Great post Nagi, and I really appreciate you are sharing this album in lossless. Thx very much old friend!

What would make you even more "world famous" - he-he :-) - is if you were to rip with EAC in secure mode, and include log and cue with the lossless files (or images). This is THE way to do it "properly" these days. I assume you know about the app. EAC but maybe got "frightened" about how to set up the app. There is some things in EAC which must be correct sat up but once EAC is installed and working as it should, you won't have worry about settings anymore.

Think about it Nagi and let me know if you need any help. I will of course help you if I can and if you one day are interested in joining some lossless torrent forums, I can also help out. You can reach me at...

toxxy69 at gmail dot com

Thx again for posting lossless!

Nagiants40 said...

Hehehe never mind Toxxy, first of all is a pleasure read your comments on HHA. I know it all about EAC ripping, but for no one reason this program just doesn't work on my Laptop.. I'll try everything really everything, but not work.. I use Windows Vista 64 Premium edition in a great machine (Sony Vaio) but not works. When I try to rip some CDs is a painful process, need to try 5-8 times to work properly, and I quit with EAC. But let me know something. I don't understand why people want .cue and log files on rippings, it's simply useless.. :-) And this is not a good rip ?? Best wishes my friend... I'll try to bring my entire collection (8.000 CD) in FLAC mode..Oh Ok, propably I'll die before, anyway I'll try... :-)