Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the Guttersnipes - The Poor Dress Up

In 1987 The Guttersnipes were formed in London by Shug O'Neill and Andy Kline.. Early gigs in London quickly gain the band a reputation as an exciting live act, supporting the likes of Splodgenessabounds, Mega City Four and The Senseless Things. During Mid 1989 their debut album "The Poor Dress Up" is released by the independent label Razor Records. This album went on to sell 1500 copies despite complete lack of promotion or advertising by Razor. The album sells only because of Andy and Shug's work in promoting the band through the fanzine network in Europe.>>> more

1.funny old world
2.forgotten men of the century
4.on fire
5.addicted to love
6.the hate game
7.the love game
8.time of our lives
9.guns and rockets (it's happening)
11.they're telling me's young dream
13.addicted to love (single version)

year: 1996
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