Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the Guttersnipes - The Poor Dress Up

In 1987 The Guttersnipes were formed in London by Shug O'Neill and Andy Kline.. Early gigs in London quickly gain the band a reputation as an exciting live act, supporting the likes of Splodgenessabounds, Mega City Four and The Senseless Things. During Mid 1989 their debut album "The Poor Dress Up" is released by the independent label Razor Records. This album went on to sell 1500 copies despite complete lack of promotion or advertising by Razor. The album sells only because of Andy and Shug's work in promoting the band through the fanzine network in Europe.>>> more

1.funny old world
2.forgotten men of the century
4.on fire
5.addicted to love
6.the hate game
7.the love game
8.time of our lives
9.guns and rockets (it's happening)
11.they're telling me's young dream
13.addicted to love (single version)

year: 1996
format & quality: .flac/level 8
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lemonheads - Lick (.FLAC)

The Lemonheads' evolution from post-Hüsker Dü hardcore punk rockers to teenage heartthrobs is one of the strangest sagas in alternative music. Initially, the group was a punk-pop trio formed by three teenage Boston suburbanites, but over the years, the band became a vehicle for Evan Dando. Blessed with good looks and a warm, sweet voice, Dando became a teen idol in the early '90s, when Nirvana's success made alternative bands commercially viable. While his simple, catchy songs were instantly accessible, they tended to hide the more subversive nature of his lyrics, as well as his gift for offbeat covers and his devotion to country-rock father Gram Parsons. After developing his signature blend of pop, punk, and country-rock on several independent records in the late '80s, Dando moved the Lemonheads to Atlantic Records in 1990. Two years later, It's a Shame About Ray made the group into media sensations, as Dando's face appeared on music and teen magazines across America and Britain.

1.mallo cup
2.glad I don't know
3.7 powers
4.a circle of one
5.cazzo di ferro
8.come back D.A.
9.I am a rabbit
10.sad girl

..year: 1988
..format & quality: .flac/level 8
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Infa-Riot - Still Out Of Order (.FLAC)

Infa Riot were originally formed in late 1979 by vocalist Lee Wilson and his bass playing brother Floyd together with guitarist Barry Damery and drummer Mark Reynolds. The name Infa Riot is an abbreviation for "In For A Riot." Infa-Riot's first gig was supporting The Angelic Upstarts in a North London pub, Mensi was a huge fan. Heavily influenced by The Angelic Upstarts, Infa Riot, within a year of forming, found themselves in "Sounds" newspaper courtesy of a live review by none other than the Upstarts vocalist Mensi who was impressed by the bands performance at Hornsey Community Centre, only their fourth every gig! By November of 1980 they'd completely blown off the Lyceum stage both Chelsea and The Dark and earnt themselves the tag 'the new boot boys sensations' in the countless fanzines they managed to appear in. It though seemed that Infa-Riot never really had a steady drummer, it seemed to changed monthly. Their first issued recordings were 2 tracks on the "Strength Through Oi!" compilationin May 1981. These 2 songs were "Riot Riot" and "We Outnumber You." Infa-Riot's first single was released in September 1981 on Secret records. This was the double "a" side "Kids Of The '80's"/ "Still Out Of Order." This single entered the U.K. Indie Charts at ..9 position & reached ..2. In February of '82, they played at the "Gathering Of The Clans" Festival in Scotland. At this festival they played with The Exploited, Vice Squad & Anti-Nowhere League + many other great legendary bands.
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classic street punk oi! band!!

1.emergency ain't seen nothing yet
3.five minute fashion
4.each dawn I die
5.the drug squad
6.still out of order
7.catch 22
10.the winner
11.friday oh friday
12.cataloque kids for a riot of the eighties
15.schools out
16.feel the rage
17.five minute fashion (demo)
18.riot riot (demo)

..year: 1993
..format & quality: .flac/level 8
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Horace Pinker - Power Tools (.FLAC)

punk from Arizona, USA...

1.first everything
2.punker than g.b.h.
3.sixty-sevens cents
4.bryan's song
6.rescue me
7.bottom line thoughts
10.can't change the world
11.six east
12.power tools
13.vinyl seats
14.our lips are sealed

..year: 1994
..format & quality: .flac/level 8 (~1093kbps)
password: hha
Buzzcocks - Buzzcocks (.FLAC)

classic punk!!

2.keep on
3.wake up call
5.driving you insane
6.morning after
7.sick city sometimes
9.certain move
10.lester sands
11.up for the crack

..year: 2003
..format & quality: .flac/level 8 (~1098kbps)
password: hha

Sunday, October 10, 2010

''We never really thought about it; we just got up and did it,''. KIM MCAULIFFE of Girlschool says when she's asked to reflect on her band's impact on rock 'n' roll -- and particularly the hard rock and heavy metal scenes.
''Everybody used to tell us we were groundbreaking, because we were all girls playing this sort of music. We didn't think about it. We always said ''Why are people making all this fuss?'' The reason we were all girls was we couldn't find any blokes who wanted to play with us! This was just the natural thing to do.'' MCAULIFFE is being modest, of course.
The British group is one of those bands whose legacy is far richer than it's commercial accomplishments -- a shame, since its catalog of albums contains any number of tightly written melodies that are played with plenty of guitar crunch and enough swaggering attitude to let 'em walk with the boys...

1.screaming blue murder dirty got me
4.hit and run
5.nothing to lose
6.future flash
7.running for cover
8.burning in the heat
9.demolition boys
11.i like it like that
12.c'mon, let's go
14.20th century boy
15.race with the devil

..year: 1997
..format & quality: .FLAC (free lossless audio codec) - level 8

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cLaSsIc PuNk!!

3.tomorrow's girls
4.she's not there
6.teenage in paris
8.keep on running
10.self destruct
11.another typical city
12.private army
13.this gun says
14.the motivator
15.sabre dance
16.hey santa comes alex
18.barmy london army
19.freaked barbarians
21.lime life

..year: 1995
..format & quality: mp3/320kbps (CBR)
password: hha
cLaSsIc PuNk!!

1.falling down
2.won't be told of the common people
4.the price of admission
5.touch and go
6.stands to reason
7.bits of kids
8.welcome to the whole week
9.big city night
10.talkback that what you fought the war for
13.sad eyed people
14.that's when your blood bumps
15.two guitars clash
16.good for nothing

..year: 2000
..format & quality: mp3/320kbps (CBR)
password: hha
pOp PuNk!!

1.charge is gonna come misfits
3.don't want to be like you
4.i need glue, i need you
6.marmalade fashion disaster
8.tangled up in you
9.we want a revolution
10.time bomb your face

..year: 1995
..format & quality: mp3/320kbps (CBR)
password: hha

1.folk hero
2.disguise and the same mistake
5.stop me
6.falling apart
9.the only one
10.what's inside
11.suspect device
12.the life
13.once the blink of an eye

..year: 1988
..format & quality: mp3/320kbps (CBR)
password: hha

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Where Superchunk's self-titled debut otherwise failed to live up to the brilliance of its anti-anthem centerpiece "Slack Motherfucker," the follow-up No Pocky for Kitty is a complete and fully realized statement of purpose -- opening with the dizzying "Skip Steps 1 & 3," the disc never lets up for a second, crackling with an energy and breathless abandon that underlines the sheer exuberance at the heart of even Mac McCaughan's most superficially bitter songs. Although No Pocky for Kitty successfully channels the sound and spirit of punk's heyday, for all their whiplash guitars and spitfire rhythms Superchunk's songs derive their power not from nihilism and ennui but from optimism and passion -- implicit in McCaughan's lyrics is a belief in creation over destruction, hope over cynicism, and love over hate. Credit too Steve Albini's no-frills recording for the live-wire snap and crackle of standouts like "Seed Toss," "Punch Me Harder," and "Throwing Things" -- for all its earthy simplicity and everyman conviction, No Pocky for Kitty positively soars. -- by Jason Ankeny

1.skip steps 1 & 3
2.seed toss
3.cast iron
5.punch me harder
6.sprung a leak
7.30 xtra
8.tie a rope to the back of the bus
12.throwing things

..year: 1991
..format & quality: flac (free lossless audio codec) - level 8
password: hha
2.rock 'n'roll massacre
3.angry youth
4.evil on dreams
6.stand strong, stand proud
8.latex love
9.last rockers
10.out of reach
12.upright citizen

..year: 1993
..format & quality: mp3/320kbps (CBR)
password: hha
The Stranglers formed as the Guildford Stranglers in the southern England village of Chiddington (near Guildford) in 1974, plowing a heavily Doors-influenced furrow through the local pub rock scene -- such as it was. Of the four founding members, only Hugh Cornwell had any kind of recognizable historical pedigree, having played alongside Richard Thompson in the schoolboy band Emil & the Detectives. According to Thompson, their repertoire stretched from "Smokestack Lightning" and the blues, through to "old Kiki Dee B-sides," while their gigging was largely confined to the Hornsey School of Art, where Thompson's sister was Social Secretary. -- by Dave Thompson

1.midnight summer (ext. version) deep (ext. version) mercy (cement mix)
4.let me down easy (ext. version)
5.nice in nice (porridge mix)
6.always the sun (hot mix)
7.big in american (texas mix)
8.shakin' like a leaf (jelly mix)
9.all day and all of the night (jeff remix)
10.was it you (ext. version)
11.96 tears (the tearaway mix)
12.sweet smell of success (indie-pendence mix)

..year: 1992
..format & quality: mp/320kbps (CBR)

password: hha
Vocalist Beki Bondage was a British punker's Marilyn Monroe dressed in leather. Unlike Monroe, Bondage presented herself as an intelligent woman who could kick butt when she wanted to. Throughout most of this CD, Bondage struts her stuff, taunting the listener to stop looking at the cover photos and actually listen to what she has to say. Imagine a clear-headed Siouxsie Sioux backed by a straightforward tight punk band. Though Vice Squad doesn't offer much more than your average early-'80s British punk band, the group certainly did possess a spiked charm and a knack for writing pure anthemic punk rock. Vice Squad's debut single, "Last Rockers," was a fabulous call to arms, instantly showcasing what this band was all about. "Stand Strong Stand Proud" toughens up the attack with beefier production and more confident musicianship. "Rock & Roll Massacre" is an instant singalong, although it's lyrics are a bit trite and silly. Bondage continues to raise the stakes on the first 16 tracks, leaving the last eight tracks here sung by her replacement, Lia, who is not as distinct as Bondage, but certainly doesn't embarrass herself in the slightest (just listen to "What's Going On?," "High Spirits," and "The Pledge" for proof of that). Though the casual listener may think it all sounds the same, fans of good ol' punk rock will be happy with this "vice." -- by Steve "Spaz" Schnee

1.last rockers on dreams
3.latex love
5.young blood
7.out of reach
8.(so) what for the eighties
10.stand strong stand proud
11.tomorro's soldier
12.rock'n'roll massacre
13.darkest hour
15.scarred for life
16.faceless men sheep blood
19.the pledge'll never know
21.what's going on
22.the times they are a changin'
23.teenage rampage
24.high spirits

..year: 1997
..Format & Quality: mp3/320kbps (CBR)
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password: hha
The breakout success of "Save Yourself" in 2002 was due neither to fluke nor bandwagoneering. Even as far back as 1994's Killed for Less, Sense Field showed the ability to sprinkle its punk and hardcore influences with crocodile tears, so the issuing of a three-minute soundtrack to an emo kid make-out party wasn't very far-fetched. Living Outside is as conscious a follow-up record as there can be, but it's likely also the record Sense Field would've made anyway, even without the band's mainstream ascendancy. Outside was written principally by guitarist Chris Evenson and vocalist Jon Bunch, and they've looked to new wave and 1980s guitar pop to define the album's sound. Synths and processed loops turn up throughout, in part replacing the contributions of guitarist Rodney Sellars, who opted out of Sense Field to focus on family issues. The whirring, fuzzy electronics plop "No Medicine," "Take What You Want," and "Haunted" somewhere between Depeche Mode and Garbage. But a completely unpretentious Cure cover is a winking reminder that the guys in Sense Field are old enough to draw their '80s influences from their high-school music collections, instead of a bag of studio tricks. Meanwhile, the broad melodies and fervent vocals (from the always reliably ardent Bunch) of "On Your Own" and "Feel What You Feel" approach the grandeur of the band's breakthrough ballad without brazenly rewriting it. The production presence of Brad Wood on four of Outside's tracks refines the sound a bit too much, occasionally suggesting the populist supermarket alt.rock of Collective Soul. But though it's been sanded smooth over the years, Sense Field can still stump from the punk rock platform, as "Running Behind" and "Burn" attest. For the latter, Wood layered strings into the mix, and tries to rely on the space created from a skittering piano break to build tension. But it's in one-on-one lines like "No I don't want to meet you to talk/So stop coming by my work" where "Burn"'s urgency actually lies. Moments like this leave Living Outside's surface a bit rough, and help it exist as the next Sense Field album, and not simply the next Sense Field album since "Save Yourself."-- by Johnny Loftus

2.running behind
3.on your own own me
5.i refuse medicine
7.feel what you feel
8.take what you want
10.a letter to elise


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