Wednesday, September 15, 2010

PRESTO - {2004} Atentado Sonoro @320

PRESTO? is a band from São Paulo - Brazil, formed in 1999. His purpose was to always play a raw hardcore, fast and without frills. Therefore it called attention of the underground scene early in its career, with the demo tape. In 2000 Presto? recorded its first CD, "aqnp" recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio El Rocha by Fernando Sanchez and Daniel "Ganjaman". This cd was very well received by all and is still considered by artists such as John Bull, DJ Thiago, and Penélope Nova as one of the best hardcore cds of all time. In 2002, after doing many shows, a tour in the south of the country with Ratos de Porão, Presto? entered the studio to record their second full-length called "Pure Hate Concentrated", now with a lower pitch and lyrics and music more aggressive. The work was released by the label Peculio Records, owned by Boka, drummer of Ratos de Porão. The third album from PRESTO "," Attack Sound ", was recorded in 2004, this time after much trial and with 36 songs ready, while the two previous albums had only 20 songs. All the instruments were recorded with music producer Ciero, Da Tribo Studio, responsible for recording bands such as Krisun and Claustrophobia, among others. Voices, mixing and mastering were made by Bernardo Pacheco, the producer who recorded the last album of the Bilge Rats, "An enemy of man." The "Sound Attack" also features the vocal contributions of Joao Gordo (the track that gives name to the disk) and Marcus D´ Angelos (Claustrophobia), the song "Snakes", plus a hidden track cover of the song " Arise "by Sepultura. Then, PRESTO? entered the studio for the fourth time in August 2006, at The Tribe. Produced by Ciero and William, the disc is well recorded and the most mature of the band so far. Merging grindcore and crossover in an accurate, showing compositions more elaborate and intelligent lyrics, the album will hit the market in July 2007, a split EP with DFC from Brasília, via annuity discs. In 2007, Marcelo left the drums. In his place joined Thiago Carioca, who, besides having played in bands like Last Mistake and Manure and has also played with Daniel and Charlie in the project RHD (Destroy the Human Race). In 2009 the band recorded their fifth album with 18 songs, "Macabre Behavior", the most developed and produced by guest, mixed and mastered by Brandon Duffey, and Adriano Daga guest in the Norcal Pines studio. It was released by Laja Records (owned by Fabio Mozine, bassist from Mukeka di Rato.) With the launch of the new album and many songs in baggage, PRESTO? begins to show its aggressive sound, pure and accurate in every corner of Brazil, and hence to the world.

2.seja previsivel
3.aqui não é nova iorque
5.guerra civil
6.dominadores do apocalipse
7.fogo do inferno
8.fio da esperança
12.prestes a explodir
13.atentado sonoro
14.sequestro relampago (meu novo emprego)
15.vida merda
16.azar dele
17.pontos em comum
18.vida colorida
19.tome de volta sua vida
21.rede nacional
22.cuidado com a rota
23.imagem é tudo
25.lavagem cerebral
27.seja como for
28.aos milionários da música
29.mundo louco vida insana
32.segue sua vida
34.indústria da música (pau na sua lontra)
35.casos como este

MP3 @320kbps CBR | 44100 Hz | Brasil | Covers Included
Genre: Grindcore | Flameupload | Size: 101 MB | Label: Pecúlio Discos
password: nagiants40

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