Saturday, September 18, 2010


This DVD gives a great snapshot of a time and place--well, three nights in 1982 when Bad Brains were at, or about to reach their peak. Technically, there are many blemishes such as varying audio quality and shaky blurry camera work. However, it's striking how effective some of the focused shots on individuals in the crowd really capture the feeling of those shows. (I wasn't at those shows but did see them the same year.) For example, there were tons of people jumping onto and off of the stage... no big security people standing guard. One dude was just sort of standing there on the stage until HR finally pushing him off.
The images add context to the wildness of the music. The reggae tunes add an interesting balance. But what I really walked away with (I saw this in a theater tonight in Portland) was that Bad Brains really put their heart into their work. No matter what you do, you can watch this and say "wow, if you're going to do something you might as well go all the way". It's an inspirational movie.
I should add that this DVD is simply a bunch of concert footage (at least what I viewed). It's not a bunch of old rockers making some after-the-fact comments like "the first time I heard them I knew there was something special" like you see in some videos. --- By Phillip Kerman

**This is the third time that I upload this DVD, the files are the same that I posted long time ago. If you missed some part this is your chance to get the files, enjoy!!

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DEZAKATO said...

Brazil band ! We look forward to your visit!

Nazz Nomad said...

i was at one of these shows- there was NOTHING like a Bad Brains shows. The reggae songs were the only reason that most of the crowd wasn't killed. It gave a "rest time" for us!

DTD said...

Thanks, nagiants, for putting the missing links back up. Most righteous!