Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ATOMIC BOY - {1995} Sonic Cocktail @320

Right of, the energy is an explosion to the speakers. A gruff pseudo-brit accent blasts from the speakers, shouting. The song is typical pop-punk, complete with a perfectly placed musical break via a slide down the guitar's neck. The singer, nearly emo, gets so angry that he pushes himself to a scream as it builds to the chorus. You can just picture the veins pulse out in his neck as he strains to reach the intensity required. More melodic, "Social Misfits" has a more complex musical structure: with harmonized vocals behind the lead in the chorus, and a nice breakdown that leads into the last verse, and a quick fade-out of the last fuzzy chord. This and all songs exemplify that paradoxical pop-punk existence: angry loud punk song, that comes off as non-threatening as a smiley-face superball. "Don't wanna be like you" is lead by rhythm guitar, where the loud lead guitar takes a back seat to three chord song movement. It is a good song though, with the chorus echoed back to the singer in the final climactic ending. I Need Glue, I Need Glue, begins a little harder than rest of the album. The structure is driving, head banging verse followed by a slow breakdown. Repeat. Debutant touches the darkness of Ozzy-Metal, but quickly withholds its soul from the devil with a short, pop-punk harmonic chorus. Marmalade is an anthemic rock song, leaving the label of punk to the rest of the album. It is a bold try at combining psycheadelia with punk, chanting "Free Your Head," but it just comes off as radio-friendly rock.

MP3 @320kbps CBR | 44100Hz | Stereo | 86,8 MB | Covers
Genre: Old School Pop Punk | USA | Label: Victory Records | 1995

1.Change is Gonna Come
2.Social Misfits
3.Don't Want to Be Like You
4.I Need Glue, I Need You
6.Marmalade Fashion Disaster
8.Tangled Up In You
9.We Want A Revolution
10.Time Bomb
11.In Your Face
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