Tuesday, September 21, 2010

KOMINTERN SECT - Pourquoi Tant D'amour @256
One of the best Punk/Oi! bands, they formed in Orleans, France in 1981.

.plus fort que tout
.les anness dacier
.les autres
.la crampe
.unis pour le vin
.nation paienne
.tous ensemble
.dans la nuit
.reves de liberte
.barcelone 1936
.les vauriens
.quand meurent les legendes
.toujours le premier
.coup detat
.les seigneurs de la guerre
.dans les tribunes
.23 minutes en enfer
.dernier les tribunes
.maison de retraite
.par le feu et par le sang
.des flageolets
.real enemy

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SCREECHING WEASEL - {1992} Boogadaboogadaboogada! {.FLAC}
FLAC Tracks | Stereo | 44100 Hz | No Log | Covers | Size: 321MB | Genre: Old School Pop Punk | Label: Lookout | USA | WINRAR

Originally based out of Chicago Illinois, Screeching Weasel is best known for helping to spark the early 1990s "pop-punk" movement. Formed by a teenage Ben Weasel in 1986, the band has released 10 studio albums, two outtakes compilations and a best-of anthology. Featuring a line-up led by Weasel and longtime guitarist Danny Vapid, Screeching Weasel is again performing live after a decade-long hiatus.

4.This Ain't Hawaii
5.We Skate
6.Police Insanity
7.Stupid Over You
9.I Hate Led Zeppelin
10.My Right
13.I Wanna Be Naked
15.American Suicide
17.Mad at The Paper Boy
18.I Love to Hate
19.More Problems
20.Supermarket Fantasy
21.Holy Hardcore
22.Professional Distribution
23.Used Cars
25.I Believe in UFO's
26.Hey Suburbia

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HOGAN'S HEROES - {1995} Self Titled 7-inches @256
:--Classic old school hardcore band from New Jersey, USA--:

1.Ian's Song
2.The Harder They Fall
3.Values Here
4.Uncle Ben

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the JULIANA THEORY - {2002} Love @256
:--Alternative Rock band from Greensburg and Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA--:

1.bring it low
2.do you believe me
3.shell of a man
4.repeating repeating
6.jewel to sparkle
7.white days
8.the hardest things
11.in conversation
12.into the dark
13.as it stands

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IGGY POP - {1986} Blah Blah Blah @256
:--The godfather of punk rock!!--:

1.Real Wild Child
2.Baby, It Can't Fail
4.Fire Girl
6.Cry For Love
7.Blah, Blah, Blah
8.Hide Away
9.Winners and Losers
10.Little Miss Emperor

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the CHO-ZEN - {1999} The Cho-Zen 1 @256
:--Punk, Oi!--:

1.I'm Only in It for the Money
2.Two Per Cent
3.Like A Bomb
4.On the Dole
5.Psychedelic Rock 'n'Roll
7.Mister Average Bungalow
8.Marlon Brando (Modern Screen)
9.Running With the Pack
10.White Shoes
11.Made In England
12.Bland on the Run

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IGGY POP - {1981} Party @256kbps
:--The godfather of punk rock!!--:

2.Rock and Roll Party
3.Eggs On Plate
5.Houston is Hot Tonight
6.Pumpin' for Jill
7.Happy Man
8.Bang Bang
9.Sea Of Love
10.Time Won't Let Me

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STREET BULLDOGS - {2001} Question Your Truth @256
:-- Hardcore Punk band from São Paulo, Brasil --:

2.Remains Clear
3.Listen to Me One More Time
4.Can't Hear You Call My Name
5.Tarde Demais
6.Sheep and Shepherds
7.Less Than Your Words
8.All the Things You Say
9.Red Roses Bouquet
10.I Know I Can
11.Affraid of Being Right
12.Call Me at Home

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the CHO-ZEN - {2001} Oh My Giddy, Aunt It's Cho-Zen @256
:-- Punk, Oi¹ band from U.K..--:

1.Fibby Fair
2.Talking Taling
3.King of the Jungle
4.Colostomy Bag
5.Three Stree Away
6.Back Stree Warrior
7.Stand Up
8.Marriage Of Mario
9.Oi! Johnny
10.Here Comes The Countdown
12.New Leader

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TEEN IDOLS & SQUIRTGUN - The Dysfunctional Shadowman @320kbps {EP}
Classic EP limited edition of 2000 copies. Great two pop-punk bands...

1.Backstabber {Teen Idols}
2.Dysfunctional {Squirtgun}
3.Shadownman {Teen Idols}
4.Chemical Attraction {Squirtgun}

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NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS - {2004} Abattoir Blues & The Lyre Of Orpheus @256
A legend from Australia!!

1.Get Ready For Love
2.Cannibal's Hymn
3.Hiding All Away
4.Messiah Ward
5.There She Goes, My Beautiful World
6.Nature Boy
7.Abattoir Blues
8.Let The Bells Ring
9.Fable Of the Brown Ape
10.The Lyre Of Orpheus
12.Babe, You Turn Me On
13.Easy Money
16.Carry Me
17.O Children

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IGGY POP - New Values {Remastered} @256
The godfather of punk rock!!

1.Tell Me a Story
2.New Values
4.I'm Bored
5.Don't Look Down
6.The Endless Sea
7.Five Foot One
8.How Do Ya Fix A Broken Par
11.African Man
12.Billy is a Runaway
14.Pretty Flamingo

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HOGAN'S HEROES - {1988} Built To Last {LP} @256
Classic old school hardcore band from New Jersey, USA...

1.Inner Strenght
4.State Vegetable
5.Last Will
6.Stuck in A Rut
7.Better Youth
8.Built to Last
9.Mr. Clean
12.False Nadar

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HARD STANCE - Self Titled @256
:-- Straight Edge hardcore band from California, USA --:

1.Is This end Torn Apart
2.Strenght Through Strife
3.Face Reality
4.Horizons Discrepancy
5.Clash of Views
6.No One to Blame Enemies
7.Quick to Judge
8.Our Turn

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DISCIPLINE - Hooligans Heaven {EP} @256
:-- Street Rock'n' Roll band from Eindhoven, Holland --:

1.Hooligans Heaven
2.Nice Boys {Rose Tattoo cover}
3.Saturday's Heroes {Business cover}

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CONVERGE - {2001} Deeper The Wound @256
Hardcore, punk and extreme metal band from Salem, Massachusetts, USA.

3.Conduit {Live}
4.Shallow Breathing {Live}
5.Locust Reign {Live}
6.1 {New Song}
7.Insurrection of the Living Damned
8.In This Freezing Night {Live}
9.Without Any Answers

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BIM SKALA BIM - American Playhouse

Ska Pop Band from Boston, USA...

1.Wise Up
2.Wandering Soul
3.Eyes & Ears
4.Come On Over
5.Not in Anger
6.Set Me Up
9.Start Again
11.Diggin' a Hole
13.I Took A Fall
14.Days Work
15.Dotted Line
16.Brain Damage
17.Good Dog Ska

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ANTISEEN - Hell @256

American punk and hardcore band from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

1.(Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below We're
2.I Have Always Been Here Before
3.Taking Care Of Business
4.Thanks a Lot
5.Haunted House
6.Deeds Of The Damned
7.You're Gonna Tote An Ass Kickin' + I Don't Like You
8.Psycho Killer
9.Masters of the Sky
10.It All Breaks Down + Cactus Jack
11.I Saw The Light
13.Positively 4th Street
14.(We Will Not) Remember You
15.Space is The Place

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ANOTHER MAN'S POISON - Howsa 'Bout That! @256

Punk, Oi!...

1.Stick to Your Guns
2.Selling OUt
3.Stiff Upper Lip
4.Greed Surrounds
5.Spirit of Bobby Moore
6.Something Outta Nothing
7.Happiness is a Loan
8.Alf Garnett's Heart Attack
9.Working Museum
10.Howsa 'Bout That!

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ALL THE HATS - {2003} No Signal @256

Melodic Pop Punk band from Argentina, South America

2.About Time
3.Our Life
4.Making and Learning
5.A Perfect World
6.No Signal
9.Falls On You
11.F Ya
13.Bad Boys

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SENSE FIELD - {1996} Building

MP3 @320kbps CBR | 44100Hz | Stereo | Total Time: 32:70 min | Covers
Genre: Experimental | Label: Revelation Recs.- 46322-2 | 13 tracks

2.Outlive the Man
3.Different Times
5.No Man's Land
8.Shallow Grave
10.Everyone I See
11.In The Light of Things
12.Wondering Time
13.Sight Unseen

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PAURA - {2010} History Bleeds @320
Easy CD-DA | MP3 | 320kbps | Covers | Brasil
Genre: Hardcore Metalcore | Label: Travolta Discos | AA0001000

1.No Hard Feelings, Fuck You
2.Scars Of Life
3.Unleashing Hell
4.Land of Heroes and Villains
5.Burning the Flags
6.Not Over Yet
7.For Each Dead One
8.This is Emergency
9.Where Eagles Dare
10.Unhuman Mankind
11.History Bleeds

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ZUMBIS DO ESPAÇO - Abominável Mundo Monstro {@320}

1.o congelante toque do medo
2.que venham os mortos
3.canto dos demônios
4.diabos mutantes
5.caminhando e matando
6.satan chegou
7.eu tenho que destruir
8.o caçador
9.espancar e matar
10.vale das almas penadas
11.marte ataque
12.viver para matar
13.o juiz
14.guardada para sempre

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Saturday, September 18, 2010


This DVD gives a great snapshot of a time and place--well, three nights in 1982 when Bad Brains were at, or about to reach their peak. Technically, there are many blemishes such as varying audio quality and shaky blurry camera work. However, it's striking how effective some of the focused shots on individuals in the crowd really capture the feeling of those shows. (I wasn't at those shows but did see them the same year.) For example, there were tons of people jumping onto and off of the stage... no big security people standing guard. One dude was just sort of standing there on the stage until HR finally pushing him off.
The images add context to the wildness of the music. The reggae tunes add an interesting balance. But what I really walked away with (I saw this in a theater tonight in Portland) was that Bad Brains really put their heart into their work. No matter what you do, you can watch this and say "wow, if you're going to do something you might as well go all the way". It's an inspirational movie.
I should add that this DVD is simply a bunch of concert footage (at least what I viewed). It's not a bunch of old rockers making some after-the-fact comments like "the first time I heard them I knew there was something special" like you see in some videos. --- By Phillip Kerman

**This is the third time that I upload this DVD, the files are the same that I posted long time ago. If you missed some part this is your chance to get the files, enjoy!!

1 - http://09bcee6e.linkbucks.com
2 - http://41974f9e.linkbucks.com
3 - http://d79ece31.linkbucks.com
4 - http://61709ed9.linkbucks.com
5 - http://0c83b373.linkbucks.com
6 - http://81a7ecf6.linkbucks.com
pw - hangoverhard.blogspot.com

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bad Brains DVD on the way...

Hello punk freak fans.. I'm uploading now, for the third time the Bad Brains DVD.. stay tuned on Saturday...

Cheers. I'm a little fuckin' drunkin' now.. sorry.. YEAH..!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

McRACKINS - In On The Yonk @320kbps

The McRackins are a Canadian pop punk band that was formed in 1994. Their song and album titles revolve around egg puns (i.e. "Bat Out of Shell") They have had approximately 70 releases from over 30 different record labels.
The McRackins nearly always play live in full costume and made up to look like two eggs and a dog. The band claims that they were transformed from men to two eggs and a dog and given super pop-punk powers as the result of a freak nuclear accident. The band consists of twin eggs Bil (guitar, vocals), Fil (bass) and dog Spot (drums). Their original drummer Tommy (The Chicken) Thacker played on a few of the earlier releases and is now a member of famous Canadian band Gob and is also the touring guitarist for Sum 41. Theo Goutinakis from Gob also played bass on the bands 1999 release "Comic Books And Bubblegum".
With sporadic touring throughout their native Canada and the US up until that point, 1996 saw the band take their live show to Europe. Dubbed the European Eggvasion, the McRackins toured seven countries as well as recording some live electric and acoustic sessions for the BBC. The band has made several music videos, which have received light to medium rotation on music channels in Canada, the US, and Europe. Further media exposure includes an appearance in a Molson Canadian beer television commercial, a cameo role in an independently produced motion picture titled Downhill Willy, and various television and radio features.
The band came out of hiatus to finish their album Bat Out of Shell. Their twelfth full-length album was released worldwide in 2006 by Wynona Records, Italy and contained twelve new tracks. A full European tour followed in Jan/Feb 2007 in support, visiting over 30 cities in 12 countries over a 6 week span.
In early 2007, they released MCRACKINS VS JOKERS with Italy's JOKERS on San Martin Records, Italy. The band is currently completing their latest CD "Eggzit" which will be released in North America and Europe by New York based label "Cheapskate Records" in summer of 2008. The CD will also be released in Japan (with 5 bonus tracks) by new label "Suggoi Records" in December 2008 with their first ever tour of Japan in the spring of 2009.
In November 2009 Finland based punk label "Killer Records" released a new MCRACKINS live cd "Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell" which features a 1995 CITR radio session hosted by Nardwuar The Human Serviette. The band has also finished recording their 14th studio album "It Ain't Over Easy" which will be released in early 2010 and will support it with a 3-week European tour in April.

1.Uh Uh Oh
3.The Great Vegetable Dilema
4.Nikki Is A Junkie
5.Teenage Valentino
6.When I Tell You
7.Dear John
8.Hangin' On A Star
9.Life, Hey Mikey
10.Eggs In Space
11.Someday Oneday
12.Edward Jocko
13.Spud Gun
14.Pressed Ham

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BRACKET - {1996} 4 Rare Vibes {EP}

The band started with the name High Output, playing cover songs by Tom Petty, Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Rolling Stones. They played weddings, bar mitzvahs, and parties in high school.
Eventually, they released the self-financed Giant Midget EP They performed in the San Francisco Bay Area and landed a record deal with Caroline Records. Bracket wanted to make a vinyl recording but a request to record 7"s was turned down by Caroline Records. They approached Fat Wreck Chords, eventually signing to the label.
Having toured the United States, Canada, and Europe, the band toured Japan in 1997. In 2005, Fat Wreck Chords stated they disliked the demos for Bracket's pending new album, entitled Requiem. Requiem was later released on Takeover Records.
According to a recent post titled "2007/2008" on the band's MySpace page, the band has written an album's worth of material that they wish to record soon. However, they don't know when that will happen (or what record label it will be released on) due to Castro living in Colorado, while the rest of the band is located in California. In the mean time, Gregori, Charlos and Celli have started a new band called the Good Life Crisis which they claim will not replace Bracket, but rather act as an outlet for different types of music between Bracket albums.

MP3 @320kbps CBR | 44100 Hz | Total Time: 11:61 mins | Covers
Genre: Old School Pop Punk | Label: Caroline | CAR1482

1.Circus Act
2.Crash Diet
4.Warren's Song 5
5.Schmooze King

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ATOMIC BOY - {1995} Sonic Cocktail @320

Right of, the energy is an explosion to the speakers. A gruff pseudo-brit accent blasts from the speakers, shouting. The song is typical pop-punk, complete with a perfectly placed musical break via a slide down the guitar's neck. The singer, nearly emo, gets so angry that he pushes himself to a scream as it builds to the chorus. You can just picture the veins pulse out in his neck as he strains to reach the intensity required. More melodic, "Social Misfits" has a more complex musical structure: with harmonized vocals behind the lead in the chorus, and a nice breakdown that leads into the last verse, and a quick fade-out of the last fuzzy chord. This and all songs exemplify that paradoxical pop-punk existence: angry loud punk song, that comes off as non-threatening as a smiley-face superball. "Don't wanna be like you" is lead by rhythm guitar, where the loud lead guitar takes a back seat to three chord song movement. It is a good song though, with the chorus echoed back to the singer in the final climactic ending. I Need Glue, I Need Glue, begins a little harder than rest of the album. The structure is driving, head banging verse followed by a slow breakdown. Repeat. Debutant touches the darkness of Ozzy-Metal, but quickly withholds its soul from the devil with a short, pop-punk harmonic chorus. Marmalade is an anthemic rock song, leaving the label of punk to the rest of the album. It is a bold try at combining psycheadelia with punk, chanting "Free Your Head," but it just comes off as radio-friendly rock.

MP3 @320kbps CBR | 44100Hz | Stereo | 86,8 MB | Covers
Genre: Old School Pop Punk | USA | Label: Victory Records | 1995

1.Change is Gonna Come
2.Social Misfits
3.Don't Want to Be Like You
4.I Need Glue, I Need You
6.Marmalade Fashion Disaster
8.Tangled Up In You
9.We Want A Revolution
10.Time Bomb
11.In Your Face

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PRESTO - {2004} Atentado Sonoro @320

PRESTO? is a band from São Paulo - Brazil, formed in 1999. His purpose was to always play a raw hardcore, fast and without frills. Therefore it called attention of the underground scene early in its career, with the demo tape. In 2000 Presto? recorded its first CD, "aqnp" recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio El Rocha by Fernando Sanchez and Daniel "Ganjaman". This cd was very well received by all and is still considered by artists such as John Bull, DJ Thiago, and Penélope Nova as one of the best hardcore cds of all time. In 2002, after doing many shows, a tour in the south of the country with Ratos de Porão, Presto? entered the studio to record their second full-length called "Pure Hate Concentrated", now with a lower pitch and lyrics and music more aggressive. The work was released by the label Peculio Records, owned by Boka, drummer of Ratos de Porão. The third album from PRESTO "," Attack Sound ", was recorded in 2004, this time after much trial and with 36 songs ready, while the two previous albums had only 20 songs. All the instruments were recorded with music producer Ciero, Da Tribo Studio, responsible for recording bands such as Krisun and Claustrophobia, among others. Voices, mixing and mastering were made by Bernardo Pacheco, the producer who recorded the last album of the Bilge Rats, "An enemy of man." The "Sound Attack" also features the vocal contributions of Joao Gordo (the track that gives name to the disk) and Marcus D´ Angelos (Claustrophobia), the song "Snakes", plus a hidden track cover of the song " Arise "by Sepultura. Then, PRESTO? entered the studio for the fourth time in August 2006, at The Tribe. Produced by Ciero and William, the disc is well recorded and the most mature of the band so far. Merging grindcore and crossover in an accurate, showing compositions more elaborate and intelligent lyrics, the album will hit the market in July 2007, a split EP with DFC from Brasília, via annuity discs. In 2007, Marcelo left the drums. In his place joined Thiago Carioca, who, besides having played in bands like Last Mistake and Manure and has also played with Daniel and Charlie in the project RHD (Destroy the Human Race). In 2009 the band recorded their fifth album with 18 songs, "Macabre Behavior", the most developed and produced by guest, mixed and mastered by Brandon Duffey, and Adriano Daga guest in the Norcal Pines studio. It was released by Laja Records (owned by Fabio Mozine, bassist from Mukeka di Rato.) With the launch of the new album and many songs in baggage, PRESTO? begins to show its aggressive sound, pure and accurate in every corner of Brazil, and hence to the world.

2.seja previsivel
3.aqui não é nova iorque
5.guerra civil
6.dominadores do apocalipse
7.fogo do inferno
8.fio da esperança
12.prestes a explodir
13.atentado sonoro
14.sequestro relampago (meu novo emprego)
15.vida merda
16.azar dele
17.pontos em comum
18.vida colorida
19.tome de volta sua vida
21.rede nacional
22.cuidado com a rota
23.imagem é tudo
25.lavagem cerebral
27.seja como for
28.aos milionários da música
29.mundo louco vida insana
32.segue sua vida
34.indústria da música (pau na sua lontra)
35.casos como este

MP3 @320kbps CBR | 44100 Hz | Brasil | Covers Included
Genre: Grindcore | Flameupload | Size: 101 MB | Label: Pecúlio Discos

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..home-page: http://www.myspace.com/paunasualontra
password: nagiants40

LIXOMANIA - Violência E Sobrevivência '82-EP @256

Classic crude punk from Brazil. Real vinyl ripping.

1.violência e sobrevivência
2.massacre inocente
3.o punk rock não morreu
4.zé ninguém
6.os punks também amam

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ZUMBIS DO ESPAÇO - Aberrações Que Somos {@320}

1.lycanthropia - o chamado dos lobos
2.ouça o lobo uivar
3.dia dos mortos
4.a marca dos 3 noves invertidos
5.punhal de falsidade
6.esperando pelo juízo final
7.banho de sangue
9.tempo de matar
11.noite dos mortos vivos
12.até você ressuscitar
13.aberrações que somos
14.uivando para lua
15.o livro das sombras
16.anjo da morte
17.a marcha das almas

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ZUMBIS DO ESPAÇO - A Invasão '98 {@320}

Great brazilian horror punk band!!!

1.mato por prazer
2.nos braços da vampira
3.jogos de horror
4.enquanto eu defecar
5.morra morra
6.eu sou o seu azar
7.prostibulo do inferno
8.meia noite encarnarei no seu cadáver
9.mortos vivos do além
10.a noite dos fantasmas
11.prostíbulo do inferno
12.criaturas híbridas
14.el phantasma
15.eu me tornei um mutante

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ZOINKS! - Well and Good '97 {@320}

1.wooden nickel
2.through the turnstile
4.well and good
5.brazilian crystals
6.the camper
10.wage slavery
12.the dragon song

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VA - Bomp! Records - The Roots of Powerpop {@192kbps}

“Power pop was one of those things that just had to be, somehow--an attempt to recapture the giddy feeling of '60s pop with the energy of punk. So how come it wasn't new wave, anyway? Simply put, to a lot of people, it was. And here, in one place, you can hear some of the early (and a few later) tracks that defined the genre. "Early" often translates as crap ideas and execution, and of the 26 tracks on this compilation, there are more than a few that fit that category--The Romantics, for example. But there are some tidy little things on this release--The Plimsouls (possibly the best power pop band ever), 20/20, and the eternal Shoes. Cheap guitars, three chords, and enough enthusiasm to run a nuclear power plant; funny how the basics of rock & roll never change--only the tunes and the tie widths. --Chris Nickson

1. I Can't Pretend - Barracudas
2. First In Line - Romantics
3. Apologies - Pointed Sticks
4. One Way Ticket - Breakaways
5. Walking Out On Love - Breakaways
6. I'm Tired - M&Ms
7. I'll Get Lucky - Plimsouls
8. Now You Know - Real Kids
9. Tell It To Carrie - Romantics
10. Thinking Of Ways - Singles
11. Biggest Gossip In Town - Rockin' Horse
12. Jealousy - Poppees
13. Beat Your Heart Out - Zeros
14. Him Or Me - Flamin Groovies
15. Aggravation Place - Jook
16. It's About Time - Pandoras
17. She's Not Mine - Mystery Machine
18. The Trains - Nashville Ramblers
19. Utter Frustration - Wombats
20. Make Up Your Mind - Stiv Bators
21. Fun at the Beach - 1:56 (B Girls)
22. Drive - 2:33 (Twenty Twenty [1])
23. Screaming [#] - 2:42 (Twenty Twenty [1])
24. Under the Freeway - 3:52 (Twenty Twenty [1])
25. Every Summer Day - 3:24 (Last)
26. Tomorrow Night - 3:12 (Shoes [1])

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the WEIRD LOVEMAKERS - Flu Shot '98 {@320kbps}

1.Jetboy Helena
2.Gotta Gotta Get Some
3.Irving and the Goddess
4.Peach Crush
5.Silly Rabbit
6.Now I Got a Reason
8.Trailer Anne
9.Turbo Rat
10.Phantom Soul
11.Letter to Starlog
12.Nueva York
14.Kick It Joe
15.Test Tube Tina
16.Retard Sandwich
17.The Lumbering Sailor
18.The Fat Lady Sings
19.Buried Baby
20.The Unstoppable Teen
21.Mr. 420
22.123 (I'm Ready)(For Your Love)
23.Mystery Track

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YOUTH OF TODAY - We're Not in This Alone {We Bite Records}{Re-Up}{@320}

1.Flame Stills Burns
2.Slow Down
3.Chosse to Be
4.Put It Aside
5.Wake Up and Live
6.No More
7.What Goes Around
8.Potential Friends
9.A Time We'll Remember
10.Live Free
13.Keep It Up

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