Sunday, August 22, 2010

Welt: {1996} Kicked in the Teeth Again {@320kbps}

On Welt's second full-length release on Orange County's Dr. Dream Records, the California punk outfit displays more than a modicum of songwriting growth and delivers their improved material with an immediacy fans familiar with the group should expect. After the success of their raucous debut, Jason Cooper and his band seemed to have put in an extra compositional effort, and 1996's Kicked in the Teeth Again are tight and catchy as a result. Standout tracks include "The Usual" (possibly the record's best), "Half Way," with its hint of emo, and the classic Elvis cover, "Suspicious Minds," done up quick and tasty. While often compared to bands like Face to Face and Pennywise, Welt seemed to be finding their own niche in the crowded punk market place on this 1996 offering.
Definitely up to the standard of their first-rate influences, Welt put together solid performances of competent punk material on Kicked in the Teeth Again, earning themselves a spot on the list of formidable '90s SoCal punk bands. ~
Vincent Jeffries, All Music Guide

2.the usual go
4.don't waste my time
5.out my window
6.put me off
7.the other side
8.half way
10.never know
12.suspicious minds
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Cara, vc ainda tem esse cd do Welt (Kicked in the teeth again)?