Thursday, August 05, 2010

Various - {1998} Gearhead & Lookout! presents All Punk Rods

Gearhead, the magazine of hot rods and punk rock, once again returns to the raceway and this time it's the Mockingbird Heights Dragstrip! Join Hot Rod Herman and the whole Munsters gang as they take a Devil's Dozen (13 'natch) of today's hottest bands along to break the sound barrier on this hand-tuned compilation carefully selected to eliminate the competition! See legendary giants like GAS HUFFER, MAN OR ASTRO-MAN? and THE NOMADS run side by side with some of today's most exciting new bands like THE DEMONICS, THE DRAGONS and Lookout's own THE DONNAS. Hear perennial favorites like THE QUADRAJETS, THE PEECHEES, THE HI-FIVES and THE SMUGGLERS show you what they're made of! And if that ain't enough to get your motor going, Gearhead got an international round of top fuel mayhem with Sweden's THE HELLACOPTERS, France's SPLASH 4 and SERVOTRON from the future! All Punk Rods! What a way to kick off the rock and racing season!

**This is the second time that I uploaded this AMAZING compilation. I first did it in 2006... and now here we go request!! enjoy Marianne!!

1.Intro {Eddie Munster}
2.Let's Go to The Dragstrip {The Nomads}
3.Demon Garage {The Demonics}
4.Nut Cop {The Splash Four}
5.Long Gone Loosers {The Hellacopters}
6.Hidden Charms {The Quadrajets}
7.Certain Year'd Something {The Hi-Fives}
8.Updated Theme to Supercar {Man or Astroman?}
9.Ouchi {Gas Huffer}
10.Ted {The Dragons}
11.Speedin' Back My Baby {The Donnas}
12.You are Not {PeeChees}
13.Euro-Driver Mechano {Servotron}
14.Rock and Roll Was Never This Fun {The Smugglers}
password: nagiants40

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Skunk1966 said...

I love this album so I grabbed it but I'd really like it if it would have been EAC-flac format. Is it possible to up it in lossless format? You would make me even more happy!!
Grtz. Skunk 1966