Thursday, August 05, 2010

Evil Mothers - {1994} Pitchforks and Perverts {Invisible}

Created in 1990 as a sountrack to the ritual murders being committed at the time, EVIL MOTHERS welcomed us to the Texan darkside, where fact and fiction are a blurred reality of tribal rhythms and melodic noise. In the summer of 1995, EVIL MOTHERS headlined the notorious Invisible Route 666 Tour. The twisted brainchild of Martin Atkins and Curse Mackey, the well-received tour (which featured several Invisible acts including PSYCHIC TV) hit 51 cities and bolstered the band's evergrowing fanbase. To coincide with the tour, Invisible released the Invisible Route 666 compilation CD which featured 3 tracks from EVIL MOTHERS' 1994 album Pitchforks and Perverts. It was this release (produced by Martin Atkins and recorded at the renowned Chicago Trax Studio) that established EVIL MOTHERS as one of the most exciting and innovative 'industrial?' bands on the circuit.

2.Never Trust A John
3.Father Cop
5.King Ruckus
6.9000 Lbs.
8.Sick Culture
9.Insex (17 Minutes)
10.Miserable Finger
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