Thursday, August 05, 2010

Evil Mothers - {1994} Crossdresser {Invisible}

EVIL MOTHERS' 1992 debut, the Lee Popa (MINISTRY) produced Crossdresser, effectively captured the enthusiastic Tribal-Industrial-Punk essence of the young band. With the release of I Like Fur, the band continues to transcend the Industrial, Metal, and Alternative Rock genres with their own mix of realism and surrealism. FLASH FORWARD TO 1997....the killings continue. The Spirits continue to inspire this nocturnal gallery of perverts with their latest incantation, Spider Sex and Car Wrecks; an ectoplasmic body of work that feeds on the literary bones of J.G. Ballard, (f.y.i......recent film "Crash"....banned in the UK), Von Sacher-Masoch, Katherine Dunn, Tod Browning, and Jim Jones among others. Coupled with Evil Mothers trademark aural sects (including drum-circles, analogs & sick strings) and heavy knocking beats - some of which are courtesy of Martin Atkins - a carnival of percussion transpires. Loaded with menacing samples, twisted subcultural lyrics, oil drums and bagpipes, Evil Mothers create a massive wall of sound. On This journey through the darkside, with Atkins also serving as executive producer, the band's already complex songwriting is taken to another level.
Aggressive, hypnotic, and tribal, Spider Sex and Car Wrecks captures the power of the Evil Mothers live show. An energy that has been with the band since they first began kickin' up dust along the border of Texas an hell in 1992.

1.Teen Strap Party
2.Articles Of Faith
4.Warm Wire
5.Lust Horse
6.You Had Enough
8.For Kicks
9.Bad Blood Flows
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