Sunday, July 25, 2010

VA - The Stiff Singles - Volume 1

Stiff Records is a record label created in London in 1976 by entrepreneurs Dave Robinson and Andrew Jakeman (aka Jake Riviera), and active until 1985. It was reactivated in 2007.
Established at the outset of the punk rock boom, Stiff Records signed pub rock acts and marketed them as punk and New Wave, including Nick Lowe, Wreckless Eric, Elvis Costello and Ian Dury. The label's marketing and advertising was often provocative and witty. Stiff billed itself as "The World's Most Flexible Record Label". Other slogans were "We came. We saw. We left.", "If It Ain't Stiff, It Ain't Worth a Fuck", and "When You Kill Time, You Murder Success" (printed on promotional wall clocks). On the label of Stiff's sampler compilation Heroes & Cowards was printed: "In '78 everyone born in '45 will be 33-1/3". A very early Stiff sampler album, A Bunch of Stiff Records, introduced the slogan, "If they're dead, we'll sign them" and "Undertakers to the Industry".
Stiff also produced eccentric but highly effective promotional campaigns, such as the three package tours in 1977 (Live Stiffs), 1978 (Be Stiff) and 1980 (Son Of Stiff), Elvis Costello's "busking outside CBS Records" arrest and the at least 29 different wallpaper sleeves printed for Ian Dury's second album, Do It Yourself, with associated unscheduled makeovers of unsuspecting record shops.
Barney Bubbles was responsible for much of the graphic art associated with the early Stiff releases.

1.between the lines {Pink Fairies}
2.cincinnati fatback {Roogalator}
3.styrofoam {Tyla Gang}
4.england's glory {Max Wall}
5.maybe {Jill Read}
6.suffice to say {The Yachts}
7.let's loot the supermarket again like we did last summer {Mick Farren}
8.police car {Larry Wallis}
9.yankee wheels {Jane Aire}
10.whoops a daisy {Humphrey Ocean}
11.solitary confinement {The Members}'ll never get me in one of those {Micky Jupp} friendly {Motor Boys Motor}
14.israelites {Desmond Dekker}
15.let's go {dirty looks}
16.going left right {Department S}
17.if you need me {the Equators}
18.loud music in chains {Billy Bremner}
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