Saturday, July 24, 2010

Secret Affair - {2001} Behind Closed Doors

Was there ever an album as unexpected as ''Behind Closed Doors'' ? As audacious ? As vibrant ? As completely the best-thing-you'd-ever-heard ? Just when people thought they'd got Secret Affair sussed, worked them out right down their two-tone tonic smiles, Ian Page would - right out of left-field - magic up something just that bit extra special. And ''Behind Closed Doors'' is just that bit extra special! At the end of 1979 Secret Affair should have been fairly pleased with themselves. Formed singer Ian Page and guitarist Dave Cairns after the demise of the CBS signed New Hearts, they had only played their first gig in January 1979 as support to THE JAM, but by August they were on the cover of every music magazine in the country and riding high in the charts with ''Time For Action'', while the critically acclaimed ''Glory Boys'' became one of the defining albums of the year.
With that kind of attention you could have forgiven the band for a touch of complacency, but even before the release of ''Glory Boys'', the difficult second album was already front of mind. Having gained notoriety while spearheading the British Mod Revival, the band were sharp enough to realise they would have to have something pretty impressive up their sleeves to survive the backlash from a music press rather more enamoured with the Two Tone movement.

1.What Did You Expect
2.I'm A Bullet
3.Only Madmen Laugh
4.When The Show's Over
5.My World
6.Sound Of Confusion
7.Life's A Movie Too
8.Looking Through My Eyes
9.Live For Today
10.Streetlife Parade
11.So Cool (Bonus Track)
12.Take It Or Leave It (Bonus Track)

Tracks 1,7,9,10 & 11 written by Page. Tracks 2,5,6 & 8 written by Cairns. Track 3 Page/Cairns/Harty. Tracks 4 and 12 Page/Cairns.
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