Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Newtown Neurotics - The Punk Singles Collection

As The Newtown Neurotics, the band began their career playing punk heavily indebted stylistically to The Clash and The Ramones. Over the course of the 1980s, the band dropped the "Newtown" from its name and simply became The Neurotics; along with the name change came a stylistic broadening, including slower tempos and horn arrangements. They released several albums on noted UK postpunk label Jungle Records. Lead singer and guitarist Steve Drewett took openly socialist stances in his lyrics throughout the course of the band's career and currently displays an anarcho-syndicalist sticker on his guitar. When the bassist, Colin Dredd, came down with pleurisy, he left the band; Mac (Travis Cut /The Pharaohs /The Skabilly Rebels)was brought in to play bass for some farewell shows (at which the band's entire catalogue was played), and the band called it quits in October 1988. Drewett went on to form an Afro punk band called the Indestructible Beat. Although the Indie Beats were disbanded in 1995, Steve Drewett is known to do occasional solo gigs.
More recently, the Newtown Neurotics reformed for a few reunion shows in London & Brighton leading up to Blackpool's 2006 Wasted and 2008 Rebellion punk festivals, their biggest British audiences to date. A new rhythm section of David 'Gravy' Walsh (Drums) and Adam 'Smithy' Smith (Bass) (Both from Harlow Newtown) have been backing Steve Drewett since 2007, including an appearance in the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool for the 2009 Rebellion Festival.

2.You Said No
3.When the Oil Runs Out
4.Oh No
5.Kick Out the Tories
6.Mindless Violence
7.Licensing Hours
8.No Sanctuary
9.Blitzkrieg Bop
10.Hypocrite (New Version)
11.I Remember You
12.Suzi is a Heart-Breaker
14.Living with Unemployment (7-version)
15.Airstrip One {Live}
16.My Death {Live}
17.Never Thought
18.Screaming {Live}
19.Stand By Me {Live}
20.The Mind Of Valerie {Live}
21.Sects {Live}
22.My Death {Live}
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