Wednesday, July 21, 2010

dEvIaNtS - On Your Knees Earthlings

Very nice eighteen song anthology of some of the band's most chaotic material,from 1967-2001. Starts off with the psychedelic "You Got To Hold On" and a Mick Farren solo tune "Trouble Coming". Then continues with another cool Farren solo gem "Carnivorous Circus". The newer tracks,"It's Alright,Ma" and "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean" sounds better than what I had expected. Also thoroughly enjoyed the early Deviants cuts like "Last Man",Jamie's Song","Deviation Street",and "I'm Coming Home".
For good measure two covers were added,the Stones "Play With Fire" and Hawkwind's "Lost Johnny"(actually,it's a tune that Farren co-wrote with Lemmy). Much of this disc,of course seems to be SO '70's-ish. I wanted to mention the numerous musicians that appears on this CD. There's Larry Wallis(Pink Faires),Wayne Kramer(MC 5),Steve Peregrine Took(T.Rex),the list goes on.Great psych with a punk edge to it. There's even a never-heard-before radio snipet that closes this hour long disc. Recommended to all music fans with good taste.

.people's suite
.you got to hold on
.trouble coming every day
.carnivorous circus observe the ravens
.it's alright ma i'm only bleeding
.it's all in the picture
.god's worst nightmare
.last man
.deviation street speed
.jamie's song
.play with fire
.arts of darkness
.i'm coming home
.lost johnny
.see that my grave is kept clean
.when the world was young
.that's when the trouble started

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