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VA - Trash! THE ROOTS OF PUNK (2006) - NEW LINK!!!

1976 to most, punk's year zero. Think about it for a split second, however, and you realise that, for all the 'No Elvis, No Beatles, No Stones' sloganeering and the revisionism of some punk's leading manipulators, the '76 revolution was actually part of a greater musical continuum. This 15 track collection is proof of that, gathering together numerous different musical strands, most of which pre-date those that made up the Class of '76, influencing them both in sound and spirit.
Indeed Trash! -- as we've elected to dub this exclusive MOJO collection -- gathers together elements of glam (T. Rex, Mott), proto-punk (Iggy, the Dolls), pub rock (the Feelgoods, the Count Bishops), Krautrock (Can), hard rock (Hawkwind, the Groundhogs) and post-glam (Be-Bop Deluxe) to name but a few of the divergent scenes and acts represented here. Listen in and you can hear the primal energy that influenced a generation of teenagers who heard these records the first time round. Welcome, then, to the roots of punk.... Phil Alexander, Mojo Magazine

1. NEW YORK DOLLS - personality crisis
2. T.REX - calling all destroyers
3. HOLLYWOOD BRATS - sick on you
4. JOOK - watch your step
5. COUNT BISHPOS - teenage letter
7. KILBURN & THE HIGH ROADS - rough kids
8. DR. FEELGOOD - riot in cell block nº 9
9. EDDIE & THE HOT RODS - 96 tears
10. MOTT THE HOOPLE - thunderbuck ram
11. HAWKWIND - motorhead
12. CAN - mushroom
13. BE-BOP DELUXE - sound track
14. THE GROUNDHOGS - cherry red
15. IGGY & THE STOOGES - search and destroy
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