Sunday, March 07, 2010

JR. GONE WILD: [1986] Less Art More Pop!

Jr. Gone Wild was a country/punk rock band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, founded in 1984.
The band's original members were Mike McDonald, David Lawson, Graham Brown and Kim Upright. Later members included Dave "Dove" Brown, Ed Doebeck, Paul 'Duke' Paetz, Ian Cook, Chris Smith, Lance Loree, Jane Hawley, Anne Loree, Steve Loree, Larry Shelast, Ford Pier, Carolyn Mark, Adele Wolfe and Bernice Pelletier. Mike McDonald wrote many of the band's songs. In 1986 the band recorded the album "Less Art More Pop" on the B.Y.O label. The band broke up in 1995.
They were also closely associated with Montreal-based band Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra. According to a CBC Radio interview in the late 1980s, k. d. lang played with both bands until Gerry Woods (Jerry Jerry) advised her that "she didn't have the voice to make it".

tRaCkS never changes
2.heather on a bad day
5.hey paula
6.she'll never know
7.god is not my father
8.old blue
9.slept all afternoon
10.tragedy in e
11.i fell dumb of the first snow
13.fine scotch
14.why i hate the 60's
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