Sunday, March 07, 2010


Jon Cougar Concentration Camp was formed in January 1994 in San Diego by Chris Fields, Clint Graham, Travis Spatter, and Travis Milligan. The band named themselves after a pun on musician John Cougar Mellencamp. They played their first show at The Casbah on January 31, 1994, and less than two months later self-released their first 7” EP. This would be the only recording with Clint and Travis, who both left the band. Guitarist Dave Swain was eventually added and the band continued as a trio.
Their eponymous debut album came in 1995 on Second Guess Records. "Til Niagra Falls" was released on legendary punk label BYO Records in 1997. This would be followed up by two more albums in 1998, "Melon" an album of new JCCC material, and Too Tough To Die a track for track cover of the Ramones album of the same name.
During a break between tours and recording Dave and Chris joined The Queers and played on their album Punk Rock Confidential. Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia (who had produced Melon) also invited Chris to join his band. Chris would join The Dwarves, and after being overwhelmed by being in three bands, left the Queers and ended Jon Cougar Concentration Camp. A final JCCC album "Hot Shit" was released in 1999.
After a ten year hiatus the band reunited in 2009. They recorded another song for song cover album, this time a version of Screeching Weasel's My Brain Hurts titled "My Hair Hurts".It will be released on Livid Records as a vinyl only release in November 2009.

1.cold piss
2.not that dumb
3.reason for the season
5.reece's feces stink
7.shut up and play
8.worm, the ass
10.invisible man
11.ace of spades
12.half ass jedi
..password: hha

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