Tuesday, March 09, 2010

: [1994] Get Around [Link Update!]

The Guana Batz are an English psychobilly band that was formed in 1982 in Feltham, Middlesex. They were one of the first psychobilly bands, and are considered influential to their scene.
They are most well-known for their frequent appearances at the Klub Foot, an early psychobilly club. The original group members were Pip Hancox (vocals), Stuart Osbourne (guitar), Dave "Diddle" Turner (drums) and Mick Wigfall (upright bass). Wigfall would be removed by Osbourne early on, who preferred a bass guitar player for the band. Mick White soon join the band as bass guitarist. However, by 1984, the Guana Batz decided to again feature an upright bassist, and replaced White with Sam Sardi.

1.every night and every day
3.tell her
4.native beat
5.lady of the night
6.heart of stone
7.shake it up
8.she's neat
9.soul disbeliever
10.chill out blues
11.don't take this to heart
12.such a night
13.hot stuff
15.you're my baby

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Sunday, March 07, 2010


1.mamma's boy
2.i'm nnot affraid of life
3.too tought to die
4.durango 95
5.wart hog
6.danger zone
7.chasing the night
8.howling at the moon (sha-la-la)
9.daytime dilemma (dangers of love)
10.planet earth 1988
12.endless vacation
13.no go

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1.my favorite show is 90
2.back in the day
3.my favorite place
5.punk rock gives me the shitz
6.i ain't the one
7.all for one
8.i told you so
9.8 west
10.tougher than leather
11.prom queen
12.you will fry
13.you either got it or you don't

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LEATHERFACE: [1996] Cherry Knowle

England's Leatherface are a rare treasure in contemporary music -- a good old-fashioned punkrock band who are neither near-sighted nor necrophiles. But, boy, do they take some gettingused to. Frankie Norman Warsaw Stubbs's voice -- well, untutored would be kind. Yet once you'vegot used to it, it's as affecting as, say, Bob Mould's or Jake Burns Stiff Little Fingers. Formed in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear in the late '80s, and taking their name from the centralmasked character in cult classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leatherface remain relativelyunknown within their own town, let alone country. Yet a body of American supporters (the mostvociferous being the inimitable Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover) have been singing the band'spraises since the 1992 release of the under-promoted Mush. However, by December 1993, following the release of Minx, the band began to break up, leaving Stubbs and drummer Andrew Laing tocomplete their final mini-album, The Last. Stubbs worked on a number of projects, includingreleases as Pope and Jesse. However, interest in Leatherface (mainly prompted by the reputationof Mush) eventually led to the reissue of the group's earliest recordings -- Cherry Knowle(1989) and Fill Your Boots (1990). Leatherface reformed in 1998, and the following yearcompleted their first tour of America, releasing a split album with touring partners Hot WaterMusic for BYO. It featured one truly heartbreaking song, "Andy" (a dedication to Andy Crighton,the group's longstanding bass player who committed suicide) among other pop-punk nuggets. Fans were rewarded again in 2000 with the release of Horsebox, their first full-length studio album in seven years. Last was issued the following year. If you believe that punk can still matter -- that it can be impassioned, intelligent and emotive without just retreading the boards --you should check out Leatherface immediately.
— Alex Ogg , All Music Guide

1.colorado joe leningrad vlad
2.animal day
3.this land
6.postwar product of a fat man's wallet
7.cabbage case
8.right reverand
9.alright jack
11.smile (you're in a free and pleasant land)

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Jon Cougar Concentration Camp was formed in January 1994 in San Diego by Chris Fields, Clint Graham, Travis Spatter, and Travis Milligan. The band named themselves after a pun on musician John Cougar Mellencamp. They played their first show at The Casbah on January 31, 1994, and less than two months later self-released their first 7” EP. This would be the only recording with Clint and Travis, who both left the band. Guitarist Dave Swain was eventually added and the band continued as a trio.
Their eponymous debut album came in 1995 on Second Guess Records. "Til Niagra Falls" was released on legendary punk label BYO Records in 1997. This would be followed up by two more albums in 1998, "Melon" an album of new JCCC material, and Too Tough To Die a track for track cover of the Ramones album of the same name.
During a break between tours and recording Dave and Chris joined The Queers and played on their album Punk Rock Confidential. Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia (who had produced Melon) also invited Chris to join his band. Chris would join The Dwarves, and after being overwhelmed by being in three bands, left the Queers and ended Jon Cougar Concentration Camp. A final JCCC album "Hot Shit" was released in 1999.
After a ten year hiatus the band reunited in 2009. They recorded another song for song cover album, this time a version of Screeching Weasel's My Brain Hurts titled "My Hair Hurts".It will be released on Livid Records as a vinyl only release in November 2009.

1.cold piss
2.not that dumb
3.reason for the season
5.reece's feces
6.you stink
7.shut up and play
8.worm, the
9.my ass
10.invisible man
11.ace of spades
12.half ass jedi

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1.c'mon baby c'mon
2.t.k.o. from tokyo
3.79 lemon
4.ain't been drinkin'
5.night before, the
6.you need help
10.i wanna see your tattoo
11.my privacy
12.it never ends
13.i've got a job
14.small town

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JR. GONE WILD: [1986] Less Art More Pop!

Jr. Gone Wild was a country/punk rock band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, founded in 1984.
The band's original members were Mike McDonald, David Lawson, Graham Brown and Kim Upright. Later members included Dave "Dove" Brown, Ed Doebeck, Paul 'Duke' Paetz, Ian Cook, Chris Smith, Lance Loree, Jane Hawley, Anne Loree, Steve Loree, Larry Shelast, Ford Pier, Carolyn Mark, Adele Wolfe and Bernice Pelletier. Mike McDonald wrote many of the band's songs. In 1986 the band recorded the album "Less Art More Pop" on the B.Y.O label. The band broke up in 1995.
They were also closely associated with Montreal-based band Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra. According to a CBC Radio interview in the late 1980s, k. d. lang played with both bands until Gerry Woods (Jerry Jerry) advised her that "she didn't have the voice to make it".

1.it never changes
2.heather on a bad day
5.hey paula
6.she'll never know
7.god is not my father
8.old blue
9.slept all afternoon
10.tragedy in e
11.i fell dumb
12.day of the first snow
13.fine scotch
14.why i hate the 60's

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VA - Trash! THE ROOTS OF PUNK (2006) - NEW LINK!!!

1976 to most, punk's year zero. Think about it for a split second, however, and you realise that, for all the 'No Elvis, No Beatles, No Stones' sloganeering and the revisionism of some punk's leading manipulators, the '76 revolution was actually part of a greater musical continuum. This 15 track collection is proof of that, gathering together numerous different musical strands, most of which pre-date those that made up the Class of '76, influencing them both in sound and spirit.
Indeed Trash! -- as we've elected to dub this exclusive MOJO collection -- gathers together elements of glam (T. Rex, Mott), proto-punk (Iggy, the Dolls), pub rock (the Feelgoods, the Count Bishops), Krautrock (Can), hard rock (Hawkwind, the Groundhogs) and post-glam (Be-Bop Deluxe) to name but a few of the divergent scenes and acts represented here. Listen in and you can hear the primal energy that influenced a generation of teenagers who heard these records the first time round. Welcome, then, to the roots of punk.... Phil Alexander, Mojo Magazine

1. NEW YORK DOLLS - personality crisis
2. T.REX - calling all destroyers
3. HOLLYWOOD BRATS - sick on you
4. JOOK - watch your step
5. COUNT BISHPOS - teenage letter
7. KILBURN & THE HIGH ROADS - rough kids
8. DR. FEELGOOD - riot in cell block nº 9
9. EDDIE & THE HOT RODS - 96 tears
10. MOTT THE HOOPLE - thunderbuck ram
11. HAWKWIND - motorhead
12. CAN - mushroom
13. BE-BOP DELUXE - sound track
14. THE GROUNDHOGS - cherry red
15. IGGY & THE STOOGES - search and destroy

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LEATHERFACE: [2000] Horsebox

Frankie Stubbs has delivered another manifesto of emotional overload, of vocal heart meltdown on record for a solid 47 minutes. Delivering the first Leatherface album of new material in six years, Horsebox is another stunning achievement of brain, brawn, guts, pathos, and liquid fire. Even without the gut-wrenching cover of Nick Cave's "Ship Song," it's clear these guys don't just pummel you senseless -- they flat out know how to play, and Stubbs writes and arranges in an extremely mature manner that feels more complex the more you hear the individual parts. Horsebox is so charged, it's as stubborn to get into as it is to do descriptive justice to, but it also entices from the first play. Stubbs continues to work in mid-tempo material, with passages where the guitars drop out or merely pick at power-lead parts. He and second guitarist Leighton Evans are at their call-and-answer best on the bridge of the most melodic killer "Closing Time," following a passage that's merely bobbing bass and tremendous drumming. "Lorrydrivers Son" and "Box Jellyfish" are two more melodic, meticulously picked gems that give some break from the gale. A criticism? Perhaps they could go out on a limb a little more. It would be good to show more people the deeper ranges of Stubbs' tastes and abilities. That such a bomb like this could be dropped is some kind of miracle -- a marvel doubled when one considers that this band was thought dead forever a few years ago. Like all the hottest LPs, it will take you a few plays for its more discriminating qualities to take hold, for its emotional center to reveal itself amidst the volcanic eruptions, aside from the sound of Stubbs' headlong imploring. And once it does, watch out.
Review by Jack Rabid, All Music Guide

1.sour grapes
2.evo pop
4.watching you sleep
5.true colours
8.lorrydrive's son
9.ship song
10.eddy bumble
11.closing time
12.wind ding
13.kill dj's
14.box jellyfish

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