Saturday, February 06, 2010

VA: Never Get In, A Tribute to Bad Brains

1.sailin' on [moby] to cum [ignite]
3.the messengers [skinlab]
4.soulcraft [vision of disorder]
5.i [snapcase]
6.yout' juice [entombed]
7.attitude [ryker´s]
8.right brigade [16]
9.don't bother me [sepultura] [adamantium]
11.shitfit [downset-supertouch] conditions [haste]
13.the regulator [will haven]
14.coptic times [turmoil]
15.i against i [boy sets fire]
16.fearless vampires killers [shai hulud]
17.banned in d.c. [s.f.a.]
18.the regulator [breakdown]
19.i luv i jah [cave in]
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..password: hha

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