Saturday, February 06, 2010

BIG BOY TOMATO: Hormones and Hangovers [CD-single]

Big Boy Tomato enjoyed a fair amount of success in North and West London, and their 'New Wave of New Wave' sound saw them supporting bands like UK Subs and Stiff Little Fingers.
The Tomatoes managed a couple of, including 'Acton Baby' and the four track CD 'Hormones and Hangovers.'
The Tomatoes split in the early 90s, and a splinter group emerged. Sugar Snatch (as they came to be known - there were disputes over their original name, Candy Snatch) took inspiration for their songs from cartoons, namely Asterix and Animaniacs. One album, "Mad Cows and Englishmen" was released amidst much touring of the UK and Europe, often playing the supporting slot to Toy Dolls.

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gobshyte said...

cheers for this.i saw them support the toy dolls in london back in 93 and they were brilliant.thanks again