Sunday, January 24, 2010

the VIBRATORS: [2005] Buzzin' [SOS Recs]

One of punk rock's longest running bands, the Vibrators emerged from the UK punk scene in 1976 and quickly found themselves sharing the stage with such notable acts as the Sex Pistols.
Their initial releases were minor hits in England, and the band was able to weather frequent lineup changes, which started with bassist Pat Collier's exit in 1977, until 1980 when the band called it quits. But, as with most UK punk acts, reformation was in the cards. The original lineup came back together in 1982 and released the LPs Guilty and Alaska 127.
-- by Chris True, AMG

-killer on the internet
-peace mission
-lookout lookout
-girl from hell
-priscilla combat
-new offer
-rabbit skin
-politicaly correct
-dead slow children
-streets of london tonight
-can't get enough
-something for nothin'
-up and down
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