Sunday, January 24, 2010

the UNDERTONES: [2000] The Sin Of Pride [Remastered]

The Sin of Pride is the fourth and final album to be released by the original line-up of The Undertones. The Sin of Pride was released in March, 1983, just four months prior to the disbanding of The Undertones, and reached number 43 in the UK chart.
The musical influence of The Sin of Pride drew inspiration from both Soul music and Motown, unlike the three previous albums released by the band, which primarily consisted of guitar-oriented music.
Three singles were taken from the album - 'The Love Parade' , 'Got To Have You Back' and 'Chain of Love', but none of them reached the UK top 40.
This is the remastered and expanded version with 10 bonus tracks inlcuded

-got to have you back
-valentine's treatment
-love before romance
-bye bye baby blue
-chain of love
-soul seven
-love parade (7''version)
-save me
-the sin of pride
-the love parade [bonus]
-like that [bonus]
-you're welcome [bonus]
-crisis of mine [bonus]
-family entertainment [bonus]
-turning blue [bonus]
-window shopping for new clothes [bonus]
-bittersweet [bonus]
-you sound so close [bonus]
-i can only dream [bonus]
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