Sunday, January 24, 2010

GIGANTOR: [2001] Back to The Rockets!!! [Rotten]

1991 - Gigantor is born. Jens Gallmeyer (ex-PHOSPHOR, DER MODERNE MAN, ROTZKOTZ, SMARTIES and even CHANNEL THREE) and Nico Poschke (THREE CHORD WONDER) form the band to cover ("just for fun") a couple of good songs. Their favourite singer Gagu (still RUBBERMAIDS at that time) surprisingly agrees to join in immediately. Bernd Granz of LOST & FOUND RECORDS likes the idea so much that he offers to put out a 7" single right away. Drummer Heiko Bendlin (THREE CHORD WONDER) and californian bass-player Jay Lansford (ex-SIMPLETONES, CHANNEL THREE, RIK L RIK, THE UNFORGIVEN, SMARTIES) join up and away they go!1992 - The fearless five record their first 7" QUICKER THAN QUICK... in Nico's garage in Wunstorf, Germany, on his old 8-track recorder. This 7"turns out to be more successful than expected and 4 months later they're already recording their second 7", MR. BLUE SKY, this time in Nico's new 24-track studio. The same session spawns the songs "Everything Counts" by DEPECHE MODE (which will be used later as the opening track for the LOST & FOUND Compilation "...And The Fun Just Never Ends") and "It's Gigantic!" on which Jay's old buddy Spencer Sercombe, whose tour with MICHAEL SCHENKER somehow led him to Hannover, plays a great solo. By the end of the year Gigantor is ready to hit the stage for the first time. They play a secret support for Gagu's RUBBERMAIDS in Hannover. In November they start rehearsing for the album " MAGIC BOZO SPIN" not knowing that it'll take a long long time to get it done...
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-pop the cork
-the chameleon
-asia no junshin
-marilyn memorial day
-3rd booth, by the window
-san fran disco
-eye hate dog
-friendly love affair
-sign & deliver
-deaf, dumbstruck & living dangerously
-the impossible dream
-no use
-cb4u my sonic shield bmx
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