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VARIOUS: Lookout! Records, 20 Year Collection

Larry Livermore and David Hayes formed the label in 1987. Hayes left in 1989 to start Very Small Records, leaving Lookout to Livermore, who sold the label in 1997 to Chris Appelgren, who started working at the label in 1988, while still in high school. From the start, Lookout released punk rock records, but over time expanded its scope to include various types of pop punk, hardcore punk, and indie rock. Former Lookout bands that have since achieved major label success include Green Day, Rancid and The Donnas.
Lookout became famous for releasing albums that featured a very distinctive pop punk sound including bands such as Screeching Weasel, The Mr T Experience, The Queers, Green Day, Sweet Baby, Squirtgun and others.
In recent years, a number of Lookout recording artists have ended their dealings with the label, rescinding their master rights from the label and re-issuing albums on other labels.
These bands have cited various reasons including non-renewal of licensing agreements, distribution and breach of contract over unpaid royalties. Among the bands that have taken their masters from Lookout and reissued them on other labels are Screeching Weasel (on Asian Man), Avail (on Jade Tree), Pansy Division (on Alternative Tentacles), Blatz and Filth (on Alternative Tentacles), The Dollyrots (on Blackheart Records), The Riverdales (on Asian Man), The Queers (on Asian Man), The Lillingtons (on Red Scare Industries), Enemy You (also on Red Scare), Twenty-Nineteen (on CREC Records), and The Groovie Ghoulies (on Springman Records). On August 1, 2005, Green Day became the biggest former Lookout act to rescind their masters from the label, forcing Lookout to lay off its staff and halt new releases for the remainder of the year. Operation Ivy rescinded their masters on May 4, 2006 and their album was reissued on Hellcat Records in November 2007.
On September 13, 2009 Larry Livermore commented on the name of the label on his blog, noting that the name is often erroneously spelled with an exclamation point. While the proper spelling does not include an exclamation point, an exclamation point has become a common spelling in popular usage.
Lookout Records turned 20 years old in 2008 and continues to offer a large catalog of underground punk, pop-punk and indie rock music on CD, vinyl and via digital download from virtually all music services.

1.timorous me [TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS]
2.cover [ENGINE DOWN]
3.i'm with the band [BRATMOBILE] you wanna hit it [THE DONNAS] ba ba ba ba [THE MR. T EXPERIENCE]
6.together forever in love [GO SAILOR]'s up to you [THE HI-FIVES]
8.for guys' eyes only [HOCKEY NIGHT] baby baby baby [SWEET BABY]
10.carry on [COMMON RIDER]
11.kansas city [THE WASHDOWN]
12.not you [AUNTIE CHRIST]
13.friend to j.c. [MARY TIMONY]
14.OK apartment [THE ORANGES BAND]
15.crying jag [TILT] be alive and alone [TROUBLED HUBBLE]
17.the angel's share [TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS]
18.speakers push the air [PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES]
19.skintight [THE DONNAS]
20.perfect weapon [COMMUNIQUE]
21.selling submarines [THE PATTERN]
22.dead wrestlers [BIS]
23.we ain't even married [THE PIONEERS]
24.face it [THE REPUTATION]
25.more than toast [THE MR. T EXPERIENCE]
26.sprang [WYNONA RIDERS]
27.she turned out to be crazy [DR. FRANK]
28.turn it out [AMERICAN STEEL]
29.sanitized [MONSULA]
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