Saturday, November 28, 2009

THE INFAS: Sound and Fury ]]New Link!![[

First of all, yes this is Infa Riot and they just simply changed their name to The Infas (Why?), but anyways, this album has an interesting story. Infa Riot was a short lived band and their debut, Still Out of Order, was a huge sucess. However Secret Records (the orignial issue of that album was first issued from them) eventually vanished away (went out of business) and so the band had went on to the record label Panache Records and recorded Sound and Fury (under the name The Infas), but also recorded the ''Sound And Fury'' / ''Triffic Spiff Ya OK'' single but neither one of the records got promotions and distributions so this album was scarce (meaning it was rare and wasn't out for very long) and then the band broke up after this. Then a decade later, they reissued this album in it's original form (with no bonus tracks and including the LP Cover on front and back). The band during this time were a little slower but managed to stay the same, unlike a majority of punk bands that went from punk to being 80s rock and roll mixes punk bands. The vocalist sounds the same from their last album and the songs are really good. If you haven't listened to their first album, Still Out of Order (which when you look for it on this site, type in the name Infa-Riot), check that album out first before you make a decision on this album.
-- by Steve SBN

1.rock all ye faithfull
2.these dangerous days
3.sound and fury
4.punch the air with glory
5.there's gotta be a better way
6.birds and bees
7.a spirit wild
9.don't want to be (in the crowd)
10.pushers on the rampage
11.triffic spiff ya ok
12.captain england
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