Friday, October 02, 2009

THE VEXERS: [2003] Gangland, Ballads and The Sex Death Set [Ace Fu]

Immediately following their self-titled debut LP (released February, 2003), the irrefutable VEXERS are back with a brand new six song EP, Gangland Ballads & The Death Sex Set. While certain songs on their debut hinted at a possible future direction for The Vexers, this new EP delivers in spades. Written and honed in front of live audiences during The Vexers' full USA tour, (Spring 2003) this dark, chaotic masterpiece is a highly anticipated, stripped down work of absolute utilitarianism.
Mixed and Engineered by underground legend, WHARTON TIERS (PUSSY GALORE, SONIC YOUTH, HELMET), Gangland Ballads & The Death Sex Set is a landmark recording; sexual, dirty & riddled with attitude, beautiful, shocking and dripping with atmosphere.

1.Vexers Radio
3.Waiting for the Lightning
4.Love in the 22nd Century
5.T.K.O. Part.1
6.T.K.O. Part.2 Interpunk
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