Friday, October 02, 2009

TYRADES: [2003] Tyrades [Broken Rekids]

THE TYRADES Chicago's first and only punk band are like a rabid bat flying out of a time machine from 1978's San Francisco punk gutters. They've been destroying themselves and audiences for 4 years now. This is their first full length after 3 EPs on Broken, Rip Off and Big Neck which garnered rave reviews in every publication you can think of including the cover of last months Maximum Rock and Roll. Imagine THE SCREAMERS angst reborn in the 21st century. Along with the LOST SOUNDS, LE SHOK and the A-FRAMES they are destroying the boundaries of what's punk. The LP comes with a stencil!

1.Money Boy, Money Girl
2.Cut Your Feet Off
3.Let Down
5.Dance Like A Maniac
6.Same Sex Killers
7.Message From the Operator
8.Plastic Bag Baby
9.I Hate Your Wave Interpunk
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flatblackcapo said...

thank you soooooo fucking much!I have just about worn out the one ep I could get my hands on!I played it for everyone that would listen.I will buy this as soon as I get paid!