Friday, October 02, 2009

PANSY DIVISION: [1995] Pile Up [Lookout]

Frustrated by the lack of openly gay musicians in the indie rock and punk scene, Jon Ginoli formed Pansy Division (the name itself a pun on Panzer Division and the word "pansy") in San Francisco in early 1991. The intent of the band was to defy the common stereotypes towards gay men, particularly that they were more or less limited to enjoying and/or performing disco and showtunes, and that rock was strictly heterosexual territory. Originally a solo act on guitar, Ginoli eventually recruited bassist Chris Freeman and drummer Jay Paget, forming the first openly all-gay rock band.
Pansy Division's sound was heavily influenced by 1960s pop and 1970s punk rock, most notably bands such as the Ramones, the Buzzcocks and early Beatles: short, catchy pop punk numbers with humorous, in-your-face lyrics that dealt with various aspects of both gay life and life in general. Most of their early repertoire featured explicit and near-pornographic (though firmly tongue-in-cheek) lyrical depictions of gay sex, though some songs focused on more universal, unisex topics such as loneliness, friendship and attraction.
In 1993, following extensive Californian touring, several 7" singles and compilation appearances, Pansy Division was signed to Lookout! Records, released their first album, Undressed, and embarked their first national tour.

1.i can't sleep
2.ring of joy
3.fuck buddy
4.cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other
6.cry for a shadow
7.real men
8.bill & ted's homosexual adventure
9.jack u off
10.strip u down
12.big bottom
13.touch my joe camel
14.the biggest lie
15.denny (naked)
16.femme fatale
18.homo christmas
19.C.S.F. *** Unavailable due problems with the ripping process, if you have this track please sent to us.. THANKS IN ADVANCE
20.smells like queer spirit
..password: hha

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