Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Killermeters began as a punk rock band in 1977 when, like thousands of others across the country they swapped their clothes, modified their Rock/R'n'b sound and took a lot of speed. They were the best and most energetic band in the Yorkshire town of Huddersfield and played all the club and pub venues in the north. Influenced by doctor feelgood, the Killer Meters' (as they were known at that stage) main attraction was bass player Vic Szczesnowicz (his punk moniker was Vic Vomit). Their lead/rhythm guitarist was Mick Moore who worshiped Keith Richards. Another Rolling Stone obsessive was Killer Meters Vocalist Owen Ford and their line-up was completed by young Graham 'Jez' jessop on drums. A good live act, their sound was a little too derivative to make it as a punk band, although Vic and Mick clearly had talent and one or two of their songs shone out above the standard punk thrash.

1.3 minute warning
2.won't let you go
3.all nighter + horns
4.all or nothing
5.which way kids vers '98
6.short sharp shock don't love me
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