Friday, October 02, 2009

FAILURE: [1996] Fantastic Planet

Failure started in Los Angeles during 1990 when Greg Edwards answered an ad for a bassist placed by Ken Andrews and Robert Gauss, who were roommates at the time.
Failure's debut effort, Comfort, produced by Steve Albini, was very murky and highly influenced by the grunge scene of the early 90's. Following the release of Comfort, Robert Gauss left and Failure's core shifted to Andrews and Edwards, who would switch bass and guitar duties during recording. At this time Failure decided to take more creative control of their work and Andrews produced their sophomore release, Magnified.
Around the time Magnified was released, Kelli Scott would join the band on the drums while Andrews and Edwards began experimenting with heroin. Failure toured heavily with Tool in support of the release.
Fantastic Planet was recorded shortly after at a house in Los Angeles. This time around, Edwards began contributing to the lyrics and writing. Despite critical acclaim the album didn't sell well.
Failure recruited Troy Van Leeuwen to cover the extra guitar sounds they used on Fantastic Planet and the band toured to support the album, including two slots at Lollapalooza, one on the main stage and one on the second. Relations between Andrews and Edwards became strained due to Edwards' addiction to heroin and soon after Failure disbanded.

1.saturday saviour
2.sergeant politeness
3.segue 1
4.smoking umbrellas
7.segue 2
8.dirty blue ballons
12.segue 3
13.the nurse who loved me
14.another space song
15.stuck on you
17.daylight Amazon
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