Friday, October 02, 2009

the BRIGGS: Numbers

However they respect that punk is not a label of music its a way of life and i got there back on this one and for the songs that they sing live and the ones that are good its a 5/5 in my book anyday Submitted by joe (joeville, mexico)
Very good if you like new oi bands, which I guess the Briggs happen to fall under that category. They play even better live. I guess this cd is okay some good songs like "dead men" and "keep us alive"

1. third world war
2. media control
3. bored teenager
4. face off
5. dead men (don't tell tales)
6. red alert
7. my defense
8. 13197
9. voice box
10. keep us alive
11. down
12. head shrink, dead shrink
13. these streets
14. heroes by choice
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