Monday, October 26, 2009

ANNALISE: Too Much Music and Too Many Bands [Single]

Annalise are a punk band from Exeter in the UK. We have released numerous 7''s and EPs as well as three albums. Our most recent album 'Heres to Hope' was released on No Idea Records. Our full discography is here. In our dark and distant past we have toured the UK, Europe, Australia, Japan and Malaysia (fact-we were the first UK punk band to ever play in Malaysia!) You can check out a live video of us playing Signposts and Alleyways at the Newest Industry Records alldayer, Cardiff, UK, September 05 on our video page.
Annalise activity is pretty infrequent these days so don't expect constant updates here but we will occasionally be posting ‘new’ Annalise tracks from our various releases to download. Apart from the MP3s here you can also find our first three out of print EPs as well as a download only live EP for free here. Maybe we'll get something new together at some point or maybe not. When/if there's any Annalise activity to report we'll let you know about it...

1.too much music and too many bands
2.forget the girl
3.our own hideaway
..password: hha

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