Friday, October 02, 2009

999: [1992] Early Stuff (The UA Years)

A fantastic overview of some of the band's early material, 999 were often criminally slated for having a history. Indeed only the band's vocalist Nick Cash (Keith Lucas) had served time with Ian Drury in Kilburn & The High Roads.
A mixture of bubblegum/punk/glam and rock, the band were really popular on the live circuit. The Nick Cash & Guy Days partnership wrote practically all of the band's recorded output in the early years. Loud and brash, 999 released a number of singles which really should have seen them catapulted into the charts; 'I'm Alive', 'Emergency' and 'Nasty Nasty' have remained live favourites over the years. 'Me and My Desire' saw the band's direction changing and 'Feeling Alright With The Crew' was more a tribute to followers of the band, which still remains popular on the punk cabaret circuit. 'Homocide' was their highest chart entry but an appearance on Top of the Pops was halted because BBC technicians were on strike and the following week the single plunged down the charts, the impetus having gone.
The band spent a vast proportion of their time touring the states and the rest of the world whilst followers over here had to be content with one-off London shows.
For those who took themselves a little less serious than more politically motivated bands, 999's early material is well documented here and is well worth investigating.

2.titanic (my over) reaction
3.rael rael
5.your number is my number
6.let's face it
7.hit me streets stinks
9.nobody knows
12.feelin' alright with the crew and my disire
14.quite disappointing
15.pick it up
16.chicane destination
18.nasty, nasty pity action briefing
21.i'm alive
23.waiting Amazon
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