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Raw and INSANE!!! P. Paul Fenech is back again... THE METEORS frontman and Psychobilly legend P Paul Fenech's sixth solo outing!! The infamous, THE METEORS founder finds time away from the group activities to unleash this hot-cracking solo album to show that he really is the master of "Pure Psychobilly". P. Paul Fenech shows early on his amazing song writing ability and his insane guitar playing that have only gotten better with age. THE METEORS single-handedly created the bastard son of Rock`n`Roll known as Psychobilly and as with the other 5. With solo albums that preceded this one "The F Word" has all the elements of this and much more to give you a full spectrum of Fenechs musical universe. This is a must have not only for any true Psychobilly. It's also a great place to start if your just getting into Psychobilly or even wish to go beyond. Fenech is constantly touring (unbelievably over 5000 live shows) and is gaining new followers wherever he plays.

1.rock'n'roll 4 vs. 1 mix
2.f word
3.poison heart
4.snake eyed girl
5.hangman's daughter
7.agarrando la guitarra del el diablo
8.3 minutes to dead time
9.funnel of love
10.not fuckin' around
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The Killermeters began as a punk rock band in 1977 when, like thousands of others across the country they swapped their clothes, modified their Rock/R'n'b sound and took a lot of speed. They were the best and most energetic band in the Yorkshire town of Huddersfield and played all the club and pub venues in the north. Influenced by doctor feelgood, the Killer Meters' (as they were known at that stage) main attraction was bass player Vic Szczesnowicz (his punk moniker was Vic Vomit). Their lead/rhythm guitarist was Mick Moore who worshiped Keith Richards. Another Rolling Stone obsessive was Killer Meters Vocalist Owen Ford and their line-up was completed by young Graham 'Jez' jessop on drums. A good live act, their sound was a little too derivative to make it as a punk band, although Vic and Mick clearly had talent and one or two of their songs shone out above the standard punk thrash.

1.3 minute warning
2.won't let you go
3.all nighter + horns
4.all or nothing
5.which way kids vers '98
6.short sharp shock don't love me
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GOB: Muertos Vivos

Gob is a Canadian punk rock band from Langley, British Columbia formed in 1994. The band's trademark sound relies heavily on distorted guitars. Their single "I Hear You Calling" was featured on Electronic Arts's NHL 2002 video game. Other songs that have been featured in EA video games are "I've Been Up These Steps" (NHL 2003), "Sick With You" (NHL 2003), "Oh! Ellin" (NHL 2004), and "Give Up the Grudge" (Madden NFL 2004). The band has appeared on several outdoor music festivals, the most well-known being the Vans Warped Tour. Most recently, the band has been noticed due to frontman Tom Thacker's involvement as a lead guitarist in Sum 41.

1.we're all dying
2.war is a cemetery
3.dead end love
6.still feel nothing
7.banshee song
9.about my summer
10.face the ashes wounds
12.wake up
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Monday, October 26, 2009


Matthew Frederick Robert Good (born June 29, 1971, Burnaby, British Columbia) is a Canadian rock musician. He was the lead singer for the Matthew Good Band, one of Canada's most successful alternative rock bands in the 1990s, before dissolving the band in 2002. Other band members included drummer Ian Browne, guitarist/keyboardist Dave Genn, and original bassist Geoff Lloyd, later replaced by Rich Priske. In the years since the Matthew Good Band's disbanding, Good has pursued a solo career and established himself as a political activist and blogger.

2.generation x-wing
3.haven't slept in years
4.alabama motel room long mrs. smith
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the CIRCLES: Looking Back

1.bury your head suburbia idea
4.dignity and pride
6.summer nights
7.loves got a hold on me
8.bells are tolling
9.tell me something i don't know
10.i can explain
11.looking back
12.don't answer me **
13.private world
14.all or nothing
** missing the track #12 (ripping problems)
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FLESH FOR LULU: Cold Flame & Big Love [Single]

Flesh for Lulu is an Alternative rock/Gothic band formed in Brixton, London, UK, and was active between 1982 and 1992.

1.cold flame
2.big love
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ANNALISE: Too Much Music and Too Many Bands [Single]

Annalise are a punk band from Exeter in the UK. We have released numerous 7''s and EPs as well as three albums. Our most recent album 'Heres to Hope' was released on No Idea Records. Our full discography is here. In our dark and distant past we have toured the UK, Europe, Australia, Japan and Malaysia (fact-we were the first UK punk band to ever play in Malaysia!) You can check out a live video of us playing Signposts and Alleyways at the Newest Industry Records alldayer, Cardiff, UK, September 05 on our video page.
Annalise activity is pretty infrequent these days so don't expect constant updates here but we will occasionally be posting ‘new’ Annalise tracks from our various releases to download. Apart from the MP3s here you can also find our first three out of print EPs as well as a download only live EP for free here. Maybe we'll get something new together at some point or maybe not. When/if there's any Annalise activity to report we'll let you know about it...

1.too much music and too many bands
2.forget the girl
3.our own hideaway
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Friday, October 02, 2009

THE VEXERS: [2003] Gangland, Ballads and The Sex Death Set [Ace Fu]

Immediately following their self-titled debut LP (released February, 2003), the irrefutable VEXERS are back with a brand new six song EP, Gangland Ballads & The Death Sex Set. While certain songs on their debut hinted at a possible future direction for The Vexers, this new EP delivers in spades. Written and honed in front of live audiences during The Vexers' full USA tour, (Spring 2003) this dark, chaotic masterpiece is a highly anticipated, stripped down work of absolute utilitarianism.
Mixed and Engineered by underground legend, WHARTON TIERS (PUSSY GALORE, SONIC YOUTH, HELMET), Gangland Ballads & The Death Sex Set is a landmark recording; sexual, dirty & riddled with attitude, beautiful, shocking and dripping with atmosphere.

1.Vexers Radio
3.Waiting for the Lightning
4.Love in the 22nd Century
5.T.K.O. Part.1
6.T.K.O. Part.2 Interpunk
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TYRADES: [2003] Tyrades [Broken Rekids]

THE TYRADES Chicago's first and only punk band are like a rabid bat flying out of a time machine from 1978's San Francisco punk gutters. They've been destroying themselves and audiences for 4 years now. This is their first full length after 3 EPs on Broken, Rip Off and Big Neck which garnered rave reviews in every publication you can think of including the cover of last months Maximum Rock and Roll. Imagine THE SCREAMERS angst reborn in the 21st century. Along with the LOST SOUNDS, LE SHOK and the A-FRAMES they are destroying the boundaries of what's punk. The LP comes with a stencil!

1.Money Boy, Money Girl
2.Cut Your Feet Off
3.Let Down
5.Dance Like A Maniac
6.Same Sex Killers
7.Message From the Operator
8.Plastic Bag Baby
9.I Hate Your Wave Interpunk
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SAFETY PINS: Punkassbitch

1.vampira many ways
3.aiky's got a green cloud
4.murder nite kids
5.if i die, i die the dog
7.sweet charity food party
9.bittersweet sensation
11.c19 h28 o2
13.spanish psycho
14.we fight
15.just in fun
16.bionic girl day fashion
18.falling n/a
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RED PLANET: You Can't See Em

tRaCkS can't see me
2.ravolution 33
3.satellite radio
5.sensual girl
6.dean taylor
7.drop the bomb
9.heather jones my yoko
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999: [1992] Early Stuff (The UA Years)

A fantastic overview of some of the band's early material, 999 were often criminally slated for having a history. Indeed only the band's vocalist Nick Cash (Keith Lucas) had served time with Ian Drury in Kilburn & The High Roads.
A mixture of bubblegum/punk/glam and rock, the band were really popular on the live circuit. The Nick Cash & Guy Days partnership wrote practically all of the band's recorded output in the early years. Loud and brash, 999 released a number of singles which really should have seen them catapulted into the charts; 'I'm Alive', 'Emergency' and 'Nasty Nasty' have remained live favourites over the years. 'Me and My Desire' saw the band's direction changing and 'Feeling Alright With The Crew' was more a tribute to followers of the band, which still remains popular on the punk cabaret circuit. 'Homocide' was their highest chart entry but an appearance on Top of the Pops was halted because BBC technicians were on strike and the following week the single plunged down the charts, the impetus having gone.
The band spent a vast proportion of their time touring the states and the rest of the world whilst followers over here had to be content with one-off London shows.
For those who took themselves a little less serious than more politically motivated bands, 999's early material is well documented here and is well worth investigating.

2.titanic (my over) reaction
3.rael rael
5.your number is my number
6.let's face it
7.hit me streets stinks
9.nobody knows
12.feelin' alright with the crew and my disire
14.quite disappointing
15.pick it up
16.chicane destination
18.nasty, nasty pity action briefing
21.i'm alive
23.waiting Amazon
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PANSY DIVISION: [1995] Pile Up [Lookout]

Frustrated by the lack of openly gay musicians in the indie rock and punk scene, Jon Ginoli formed Pansy Division (the name itself a pun on Panzer Division and the word "pansy") in San Francisco in early 1991. The intent of the band was to defy the common stereotypes towards gay men, particularly that they were more or less limited to enjoying and/or performing disco and showtunes, and that rock was strictly heterosexual territory. Originally a solo act on guitar, Ginoli eventually recruited bassist Chris Freeman and drummer Jay Paget, forming the first openly all-gay rock band.
Pansy Division's sound was heavily influenced by 1960s pop and 1970s punk rock, most notably bands such as the Ramones, the Buzzcocks and early Beatles: short, catchy pop punk numbers with humorous, in-your-face lyrics that dealt with various aspects of both gay life and life in general. Most of their early repertoire featured explicit and near-pornographic (though firmly tongue-in-cheek) lyrical depictions of gay sex, though some songs focused on more universal, unisex topics such as loneliness, friendship and attraction.
In 1993, following extensive Californian touring, several 7" singles and compilation appearances, Pansy Division was signed to Lookout! Records, released their first album, Undressed, and embarked their first national tour.

1.i can't sleep
2.ring of joy
3.fuck buddy
4.cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other
6.cry for a shadow
7.real men
8.bill & ted's homosexual adventure
9.jack u off
10.strip u down
12.big bottom
13.touch my joe camel
14.the biggest lie
15.denny (naked)
16.femme fatale
18.homo christmas
19.C.S.F. *** Unavailable due problems with the ripping process, if you have this track please sent to us.. THANKS IN ADVANCE
20.smells like queer spirit
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PANSY DIVISION: [1994] Deflowered [Lookout]

Pansy Division is an American rock/punk band that formed in San Francisco, California in 1991. Featuring primarily gay musicians and focusing mostly on gay-related themes, Pansy Division is one of the more mainstream-oriented bands to emerge from the queercore movement that began in the 1980s. In 1994, with the release of their second album Deflowered and an appearance on Outpunk's seminal compilation Outpunk Dance Party, the band had proven themselves to be one of the more prolific and well-known artists to spring from the budding queercore movement. Also catching the wave of pop punk's mainstream explosion, Pansy Division were selected to tour with Green Day on the band’s Dookie tour, thus introducing the group and queercore to a much larger audience.
While signed to Lookout!, the band continued to release an album a year: 1995's Pile Up (notable for its various cover songs, including Ned Sublette's "Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other" and Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (covered as "Smells Like Queer Spirit")), 1996's Wish I'd Taken Pictures (featuring the single "I Really Wanted You", whose music video played once on MTV) and the 1997 B-sides compilation More Lovin' From Our Oven.
Pansy Division also toured prolifically during these years, both nationally and internationally, touring with such alternative rock and punk bands as Chixdiggit, the Groovie Ghoulies, cub and Servotron, God Is My Co-Pilot and Team Dresch, while often sharing the stage with such bands as Rancid, The Vandals, New Bomb Turks, Jimmy Eat World, Supergrass and The Supersuckers.
During this time, Pansy Division primarily performed as a trio, with Freeman and Ginoli being the only constant members amid a slew of perpetually rotating drummers, both gay and straight. In 1996, the band finally found a permanent gay drummer in the form of Luis Illades and became a quartet in 1997 with the addition of lead guitarist Patrick Goodwin.

2.groovy underwear
4.fluffy city
5.james bondage
6.negative queen
9.beercan boy
11.a song of rememberance for old boyfriends
12.deep water
13.not enough of you to go around pleasures
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HDQ: Soul Finder

1.wise up
2.something more than more or less
3.things seem a whole lot better now
4.down but not out
6.don't you rain down on me
7.just when i thought
8.soul finder
9.yesterday i said all the wrong things
11.those remembered times
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FAILURE: [1996] Fantastic Planet

Failure started in Los Angeles during 1990 when Greg Edwards answered an ad for a bassist placed by Ken Andrews and Robert Gauss, who were roommates at the time.
Failure's debut effort, Comfort, produced by Steve Albini, was very murky and highly influenced by the grunge scene of the early 90's. Following the release of Comfort, Robert Gauss left and Failure's core shifted to Andrews and Edwards, who would switch bass and guitar duties during recording. At this time Failure decided to take more creative control of their work and Andrews produced their sophomore release, Magnified.
Around the time Magnified was released, Kelli Scott would join the band on the drums while Andrews and Edwards began experimenting with heroin. Failure toured heavily with Tool in support of the release.
Fantastic Planet was recorded shortly after at a house in Los Angeles. This time around, Edwards began contributing to the lyrics and writing. Despite critical acclaim the album didn't sell well.
Failure recruited Troy Van Leeuwen to cover the extra guitar sounds they used on Fantastic Planet and the band toured to support the album, including two slots at Lollapalooza, one on the main stage and one on the second. Relations between Andrews and Edwards became strained due to Edwards' addiction to heroin and soon after Failure disbanded.

1.saturday saviour
2.sergeant politeness
3.segue 1
4.smoking umbrellas
7.segue 2
8.dirty blue ballons
12.segue 3
13.the nurse who loved me
14.another space song
15.stuck on you
17.daylight Amazon
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BLAH: Born Lost and Hopeless

1.stop shooting up
2.nathan winters
3.i'll run
4.gangster punk
6.sloppy agape
8.see you once again
9.not gonna take it away the american way're busted
12.the program
14.too much hate a trap's not so funny
17.crust of bread n/a
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THE PROFESSIONALS: (80) The Professionals

After John Lydon formed Public Image Ltd., Sid Vicious died of an overdose and Steve Jones and Paul Cook went into hiding. In 1980 the latter pair reappeared as the Professionals with bassist Andy Allan. The album and its single, "Just Another Dream," were vilified in the English rock press. The East End Oi! movement had been born, and the Professionals went down the middle between the early sound of the Sex Pistols (without the anger) and the Cockney chants of the straps-and-braces Oi! boys. With post-punk and ska in full flower on the other side of the rockist divide, there was simply no room for a straight-up rock band, which is what the Professionals were. Their hair was too long, they wore no costumes, and they simply let it rip with workmanlike tunes crafted by Cook and Jones. Lots of big chords, muddy big beat drums, and chanted rather than sung vocals. The Virgin reissue of the album is straight with nothing extra. It doesn't even sound remastered, and that's somehow fitting. This is plodding, straight-ahead rock music that walked too many lines to establish itself with an identity of its own. It's a relic, and a memorable one.... by Thom Jurek, All Music

1. little boys in blue
2. mad house
3. just another dream
4. kamikaze
5. 1-2-3
6. crescendo
7. mods, skins, punks
8. join the professionals
9. has anybody got an alibi
10. all the way with you
11. kick down the doors Amazon
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THE PROFESSIONALS: (81) I Didn't See It Coming

Give guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook credit: Instead of resting on their 1977-era laurels, they reasserted themselves on what wound up being their only joint post-Sex Pistols album (not counting production or sessions). Although Cook and Jones lacked the combustive charisma of Johnny Rotten or Sid Vicious, they made up for those shortcomings with plenty of musical firepower. Unfortunately, the public would wait nearly two years to find out, but this reissue of the long-delayed I Didn't See It Coming album makes a good case for its re-evaluation. Cook and Jones hadn't lost their ear for the well-turned anthem; the anti-cop "Little Boys," the music industry slam of "Payola," "Northern Slide," and "Kick Down the Doors" are among the tracks bearing repeated spins. &The Magnificent" opens matters with a sly send-up of Rotten's post-Pistols band, Public Image Limited, with the requisite scratchy guitar to match. The quieter moments work equally well, too: "Crescendo" is a punked-up power ballad, while "Friday Night Square" sketches a vivid snapshot of walking aimlessly around, checking out the sleazy nightlife. The band's approach is direct as its music. Jones upholds his reputation as punk's answer to Chuck Berry, while Cook's support is steady and unflinching. Former Subway Sect bassist Paul Meyers and guitarist Ray McVeigh lend quiet, unassuming support. The best news here are the eight bonus tracks of singles that preceded the album -- such as the rousing "&1-2-3-4," which became a live staple. All the relevant stuff is here, so punk fans shouldn't miss this one.... by Ralph Heibutzki, All Music (*** This review is from the later CD version with 8 bonus tracks, the version that I upload is the original verison with only 10 tracks)

1. the magnificent
2. payola
3. northern slide
4. friday night square
5. kick down the door
6. little boys in blue
7. all the way
8. crescendo
9. madhouse
10. too far to fall Amazon
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the BRIGGS: Numbers

However they respect that punk is not a label of music its a way of life and i got there back on this one and for the songs that they sing live and the ones that are good its a 5/5 in my book anyday Submitted by joe (joeville, mexico)
Very good if you like new oi bands, which I guess the Briggs happen to fall under that category. They play even better live. I guess this cd is okay some good songs like "dead men" and "keep us alive"

1. third world war
2. media control
3. bored teenager
4. face off
5. dead men (don't tell tales)
6. red alert
7. my defense
8. 13197
9. voice box
10. keep us alive
11. down
12. head shrink, dead shrink
13. these streets
14. heroes by choice
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