Monday, September 14, 2009

DEADFALL: Mass Destruction [Six Weeks Recs.] NEW LINK!!

DEADFALL have quickly become one of the best hardcore punk bands in the Bay Area. Their insanely chaotic live shows match their penchant for writing classic punk ala early DC hardcore such as MINOR THREAT and GOVERNMENT ISSUE and adding the blazing fast thrash of Bostons JERRYS KIDS and GANG GREEN. Honestly, if we didn't know these guys, we'd have guessed this was straight out of 1983. After one 7" ep (self released) and an assault across the USA last year, this band is ready to take the crown as the best old school hardcore band around, anywhere. (

1. counting
2. evacuation plan
3. seize the day
4. what a bogus
5. one mans dog
6. it's okay
7. comrades
8. feign sympathy
9. media agenda
10. the worst four years
11. from beyond
12. only waste
13. dr. boo strikes again
14. no one cares what you have to say
15. skinhead starter kit
16. crowdppleaser
17. heresy
18. missink link (de rok also)
19. mass destruction
20. meathead
21. postal
22. bloodsuckers
23. cchc
24. comfortable life
25. deadfall
26. beer not church
27. you make me sick
28. the dark ages Interpunk
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