Monday, September 14, 2009

V.A.: Where the Bad Boys Rock [Disc 2]

A long time ago, I upload the first disc of this double CD set, here's the second album....if anyone needs the first CD let me know... enjoy!!

3.Never Shut Up [TEXAS TERRI]
5.Millionaire [SQUAD 21]
6.Make me Stay [VENEREA]
7.Rock'n' Roll Pride [SIXES & SEVENS]
8.Leavin' Kariokee City [SWINDLE A GO-GO]
9.This Cursed Place [BLOOD JUNKIES]
11.Skulls [THE SPOOK]
12.Suicide Child [DUANE PETERS]
13.U Ain't Right [THE METEORS]
14.Wild at Heart [CELTIC BONES]
16.Stink Of Love [JOE COFFEE]
17.Outro [VA] Interpunk
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BUCK BROTHERS: Pop Musik [Single]

Take a look at official home page for links and information.

1.Pop Musik n/a
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U.K. SUBS: Riot [Cleopatra]  New Link!!

In honor of the U.K. Subs' 20th anniversary, Nicky Garratt returned to the fold for Riot and Quintessentials, which were recorded simultaneously at San Francisco's Wally Sound. And he brought along 1981-1983 bassist Alvin Gibbs (from the band's two best LPs, Diminished Responsibility and Endangered Species) for the ride. Garratt and Gibbs had returned once before -- but it was a false start -- on the OK but flawed and inconsistent 1988 LP Killing Time. This time the reunited trio get it right, using Samiam drummer Dave Ayer in place of Steve Roberts. Like Quintessentials, Riot approaches the meaty, huge-sounding production of the final two Garratt/Gibbs LPs. The mix may not be quite as big on either, but Riot's "House of Cards," "Cyberjunk," and especially the title track are brimming with all the qualities that made the Subs one of the leaders of U.K. punk's second wave, along with the post-Brian James Damned, Ruts, Undertones, Angelic Upstarts, and Stiff Little Fingers. Fifteen straight songs may smack you in the face, but as in the best of all "original spark" punk, the playing level is so escalated it belies the apparent simplicity of the written chords. Garratt's right hand chops at the strings with style as well as authority, spitting fire at all the key junctures, blasting into choruses such as "Guilty Man" out of power-riffs so nasty and glorious, you understand how 10,000 punk bands in his absence never came close to matching this! And with such a formidable band to back him at last, the always-committed Harper gains stature and probity for his gutsy stands, such as when he spits "where's the human rights?" Riot is a real case of a band recovering all that was theirs, a near-impossible feat. --- by Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover, AMG

1. Cyberjunk
2. Rebel Radio
3. Power Corrupts
4. Preacher
5. Riot
6. Chemical War
7. Paradise Burning
8. House of Cards
9. Human Rights
10. Guilty Man
11. Lost Not Found
12. Music for the Dead
13. Beggars and Bums
14. My Little Red Book
15. Flat Earth Society Interpunk
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DEADFALL: Mass Destruction [Six Weeks Recs.] NEW LINK!!

DEADFALL have quickly become one of the best hardcore punk bands in the Bay Area. Their insanely chaotic live shows match their penchant for writing classic punk ala early DC hardcore such as MINOR THREAT and GOVERNMENT ISSUE and adding the blazing fast thrash of Bostons JERRYS KIDS and GANG GREEN. Honestly, if we didn't know these guys, we'd have guessed this was straight out of 1983. After one 7" ep (self released) and an assault across the USA last year, this band is ready to take the crown as the best old school hardcore band around, anywhere. (

1. counting
2. evacuation plan
3. seize the day
4. what a bogus
5. one mans dog
6. it's okay
7. comrades
8. feign sympathy
9. media agenda
10. the worst four years
11. from beyond
12. only waste
13. dr. boo strikes again
14. no one cares what you have to say
15. skinhead starter kit
16. crowdppleaser
17. heresy
18. missink link (de rok also)
19. mass destruction
20. meathead
21. postal
22. bloodsuckers
23. cchc
24. comfortable life
25. deadfall
26. beer not church
27. you make me sick
28. the dark ages Interpunk
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 SPAZM 151: [2001] Spazm 151 [Busted Heads]

Here's the CD version of the LP that was released by Mind Control back in 2001, thanks to the kind folks at Busted Heads. And god damn, pretty much anything that comes from either Mind Control or Busted Heads is going to be a winner, and this scorcher is no different. These Texans blaze through 13 tracks of fucking classic hardcore/punk in barely over 20 minutes with tons of energy and a great multi vocal attack. The songs are the perfect blend of pissed off hardcore and punk rock as well, taking the attitude and slight catchiness of the latter and blending it with the pure aggression and speed of the former. There's even a thrashy crossover feel in a couple of the tracks. Plus there are some totally reckless lead breaks to boot. You can't lose! They even close out with two raging covers: "Build Me a Bomb" by Jerry's Kids and "I Hate Myself" by The Offenders. Oh yeah. For some reason there are only 10 actual tracks on the CD even though there are 13 songs (some tracks contain more than one song), so things can be hard to follow, but I guess it's not really a big dead in the end. The recording is perfect for what these guys are doing, too. It's not too clean, but it is just polished enough to refrain from sounding overly raw or anything like that. Everything sounds natural, the bass presence rips, the guitars have a nice sort of resonant distortion that brings the mid-80's to mind, and the dry vocal yells are right in with the music. Damn fine. The layout is all in black and white, and mainly text. The cover combines crazy illustrations with some weird collaged photographs and just looks bizarre. It's definitely got an early punk feel to it. There's a map of Texas with some skulls, insects, and other kooky shit. Weird. All of the inner pages are black with white text, and that's that (aside from some tiny band photos at the end). The lyrics are pissed as shit and totally straightforward, pulling no punches, be it regarding personal issues, political issues, or a mix of the two. "Everybody's always talking about how good it used to be, They've given up on life, They're living in mediocrity, So stop whining about the scene now or how the bands all fucking suck, If you wanna see some change then raise your voice and rise above!" Another great, no bullshit hardcore record from Busted Heads. They've got good taste, so check this one out. (8/10) (

** tracks **
1. freedom - tear it up
2. frozen world
3. sink or swim
4. get out of my life - frustration
5. blown away
6. fuck your progress
7. who needs...
8. mansellout
9. what happened
10. build me a bomb - i hate myself Interpunk
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