Sunday, August 30, 2009

THE ORPHANS: Raise The Youth

The Orphans formed in May 1995 in the Philly area...more specifically, in and around the area of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Really the story begins before then, on skateboards in driveways and parking lots while a beat-up tape player crackles and blares in the background. We played basement shows mostly... a few backyards and a whole slew of rentable halls with a lot of bands we became friends with. All in all it adds up to the greatest time of your life: pissed off, carefree, caffeinated and brimming with the relentless desire to get in front of a roomful of dirty, spiky kids around your age and just fucking scream til you can't scream no more. We stopped playing officially in 2000, but have played reunion shows time and again for one reason or another. Our discography CD, "Raise the Youth," is still available through Fistolo Records ( and the Mischief Brew website (

.virus one
.way of life
.government stole my germs CD
.your customers
.buy your logic
.plastic threat
.anorexic mind
.anthem for a doomed public
.elbow problem
.waste of breath
.molding our son
.big brother bigger mother
.what reasons have they to dance
.for an old kentucky anarchist
.business to attend to
.while you were out
.raise the youth
.no more government!
..password: hha 1: 2:


iunex said...

Thanks Naggi!

LexiconDevilWithABatteredBrain said...

Well, I haven't been to HH in a long time. And I've been looking for this album for a few months. Low and behold, I visit...and there it is. Ah, life's little gifts. Thanks so much.

LexiconDevilWithABatteredBrain said...

Fuck, I'm sorry, Naggi. Can you do me a big favor? Can you upload this without a password? For some reason my unzipper program won't unzip things that have passwords (I checked, I put the password in correctly). Apparently the command is not supported. Anyway, as I've said, I've been looking for this for months, so this would be a big help.