Sunday, August 30, 2009

G.G. ALLIN: Anti-Social Personality Disorder & Live - The Best Of Suicide Sessions

Two LP'S on one CD. LIVE GG SHOW + CHOICE TRACKS FROM "SUICIDE SESSIONS", perhaps one of GG'S Most Brutal Recordings Ever. Awareness Records.

.phone interview
.i hate my audience
.outlaw scumfuc
.dope money
.diw when i die
.abuse myself i wanna die
.caroline and sue
.jesus and mother's cunt
.cock on the loose
.expose yourself to kids
.i'm a gypsy motherfucker
.hangin' out with jim
.i'm gonna rape you
.bite it you scum
.outlaw scumfuc
.i wanna fuck myself
.dagger in my heart
.shit on my prick
.cornhole lust
.spread your legs part your lips
.i live to be hated
.stick a cross up a nuns cunt
.kiss me in the gutter
.i want to burn
.lillian phone fucker
.pain and suffering
.troubled troubador of tomorrow liquor slicked highway
.can't afford the ball
.drug whore
.i will not act civilized
.i'm dying i'm dying i'm dead
..password: hha 1: 2:

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