Sunday, August 30, 2009

THE VIBRATORS: I Kissed A Girl [Single]

With a career lasting thirty-one years, vocalist/guitarist IAN "KNOX" CARNOCHAN, bassist PAT COLLIER, guitarist JOHN ELLIS and drummer EDDIE originally formed the VIBRATORS in February 1976, and their first gig was supporting THE STRANGLERS at Hornsey Art College in North London. They supported THE SEX PISTOLS at the 100 CLUB and were one of the bands playing at the now legendary 100 CLUB PUNK ROCK FESTIVAL, where as well as doing their own set they supported guitar hero CHRIS SPEDDING. CHRIS recommended the band to his then record company, RAK. The band's debut single "WE VIBRATE" came out in November (one of the first punk singles) and was followed two weeks later by CHRIS SPEDDING'S "POGO DANCING" single with the VIBRATORS as the band on that. More >>>

.I Kissed a Girl
.Troops of Tomorrow
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THE ORPHANS: Raise The Youth

The Orphans formed in May 1995 in the Philly area...more specifically, in and around the area of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Really the story begins before then, on skateboards in driveways and parking lots while a beat-up tape player crackles and blares in the background. We played basement shows mostly... a few backyards and a whole slew of rentable halls with a lot of bands we became friends with. All in all it adds up to the greatest time of your life: pissed off, carefree, caffeinated and brimming with the relentless desire to get in front of a roomful of dirty, spiky kids around your age and just fucking scream til you can't scream no more. We stopped playing officially in 2000, but have played reunion shows time and again for one reason or another. Our discography CD, "Raise the Youth," is still available through Fistolo Records ( and the Mischief Brew website (

.virus one
.way of life
.government stole my germs CD
.your customers
.buy your logic
.plastic threat
.anorexic mind
.anthem for a doomed public
.elbow problem
.waste of breath
.molding our son
.big brother bigger mother
.what reasons have they to dance
.for an old kentucky anarchist
.business to attend to
.while you were out
.raise the youth
.no more government!
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G.G. ALLIN: Anti-Social Personality Disorder & Live - The Best Of Suicide Sessions

Two LP'S on one CD. LIVE GG SHOW + CHOICE TRACKS FROM "SUICIDE SESSIONS", perhaps one of GG'S Most Brutal Recordings Ever. Awareness Records.

.phone interview
.i hate my audience
.outlaw scumfuc
.dope money
.diw when i die
.abuse myself i wanna die
.caroline and sue
.jesus and mother's cunt
.cock on the loose
.expose yourself to kids
.i'm a gypsy motherfucker
.hangin' out with jim
.i'm gonna rape you
.bite it you scum
.outlaw scumfuc
.i wanna fuck myself
.dagger in my heart
.shit on my prick
.cornhole lust
.spread your legs part your lips
.i live to be hated
.stick a cross up a nuns cunt
.kiss me in the gutter
.i want to burn
.lillian phone fucker
.pain and suffering
.troubled troubador of tomorrow liquor slicked highway
.can't afford the ball
.drug whore
.i will not act civilized
.i'm dying i'm dying i'm dead
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"Three words come to mind when describing Chicagos own STREET BRATS new album: explosive Explosive EXPLOSIVE!!! This is the album the punk rock world needs to hear, the album that defies any punk rock genre, the album that makes you want to sing and dance in front of the mirror to. This is the album you get ready for your big date to, the album that should be the soundtrack to the movie you take your date too, and the album you take your date home and fuck to. Are we getting the point across yet? Reviewers couldnt put the STREET BRATS last 7 into any specific punk category, and damn did they try, and damn will they have a harder time with this one. SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS, THE BOYS, RAMONES, VIBRATORS, whatever! Power pop, pop punk, glam, street punk, well just say punk rock! This is the STREET BRATS answer to Mommys Little Monster and to Rocket to Russia and even to God Save the Queen! In our (humble) opinion, See You at the Bottom.... is going to be one of the most powerful and exciting releases FULL BREACH KICKS will ever do and were sure will be one of the great punk rock albums of the decade." I edited my profile with Thomas' Myspace Editor V4.4

.dead end kids
.teenage timebomb
.deacons daughter
.living on the outside
.our noise
.anger and angst
.nowhere to go
.public disease
.kids just wanna dance
.police custody
.sb outro
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

INDIGESTI: [1997] Osservati Dall'Inganno [Vacation House]

.silenzio statico
.doppio confronto
.diretto nel mio sgu
.senso di abitudine
.fragile costruzione
.osservati dall'inga
.alone d'oro
.dubbio legato
.permessi nel disagi
.uguale nell'uguale
.oltre camera
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RANCID & NOFX: [2002] BYO Splits Series Volume III

This 3rd Volume of the BYO Split Series features two of the most infamous punk bands in the world, RANCID and NOFX. The twist on this one is that each band has gone into the studio to record six of the other bands songs. Neither one revealed which songs they were going to do, so the mystery became even more of a reason to get more bold on song selelctions, and the outcome is amazing. The contrasting styles of both bands make the songs that much more interesting, and the self produced efforts bring forth all the energy and fury that punk rock is built on.

.moron bros (Rancid)
.stickin in my eye (Rancid)
.Bob (Rancid)
.Don't Call Me White (Rancid)
.Brews (Rancid)
.Vanilla Sex (Rancid)
.I'm the One (NOFX)
.Olympia WA (NOFX)
.Tenderloin (NOFX)
.Antennaes (NOFX)
.Corozon de Dro (NOFX)
.Radio (NOFX)
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INDIGESTI: [2000] In Disparte [Vacation House]

One of the most knowing & legendary Italian hardcore bands ever! Their complete discography is a huge fan base that includes radical punk, bandana-trash & old school hardcore. A must for every '80 hardcore style listener!!! Indigesti are very popular in Europe & USA during '81 to '87 and have collectively sold nearly 30.000 units everywhere. For fans of Bad Brains, 7 Seconds, Discharge, Minor Threat, GBH, Suicidal Tendencies, Warzone & Italian bands like Wretched, Negazione, CCM, Raw Power, Crash Box, Declino & more........CULT!!!!!!!

.in disparte
.opaco istinto inutile
.cancella elimina
.esistere resistere
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INDIGESTI: [1995] Sguardo Realtà '82-'83 [Vacation House]

.intro vocale
.astratto concepime
.sguardo realtà
.no al sistema
.nessuna ragione
.sentimento altruis
.intro 2
.crea veleno
.mass media
.polvere fastidiosa
.intro 3
.silenzio statico
.no al sistema
.crea veleno
.polvere fastidiosa
.mass media
.nessuna ragione
.sogni a doppie vie
.sentimento altruis
.astratto concepime
.sguardo realtá
.silenzio statico 2
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FEAR: [1985] More Beer [Restless]

Formed in 1977, the year of punk, Fear sent themselves on a mission to become one of the most relentless and furious hardcore punk bands of all time. They had infamous appearances in "The Decline of Western Civilization" and "Saturday Night Live (SNL)", tearing down the house like nobody else. "More Beer" is the second Album by Fear, which was released after their first smasher "The Record". It has a very strong edge of experimental elements throughout the whole album which gave them a somehow weird but very cool sound.
This is the CD re-issue includes the original recordings of "I Love Livin' in the City" and "Now Your Dead" from the band's first single, as bonus tracks, but omits the song Strangulation.

.the mouth don't stop (the trouble with women is)
.more beer
.i am a doctor
.have a beer with fear
.bomb the russians
.welcome to the dust ward
.null detector
.waiting for the meat
.i love living in the city
.now you're dead Amazon
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FEAR: [1995] Have Another Beer with Fear [Sector 2 Records]

Have Another Beer With FEAR is the third studio album by Fear, released in 1995. Although Lee Ving was the only remaining original member at the time of recording, the album contains a number of tracks written by previous original members. Many of the songs were written and played during the band's brief 1992 reunion tour.

.i believe i'll have another beer
.back into battle again
.demons stickin' pitchforks in my brain
.bad day
.ugly as you
.legalize drugs
.drink some beer
.f-you let's rodeo
.honor and obey
.meat and potatoes
.public hangings
.free beer Amazon
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Friday, August 21, 2009


.fuck the world
.i love serial killer
.march of the ninjamanz
.rock'n' roll rules ok!
.c.c. rider
.let's wreckin
.shimokita misojimae
.lady luck
.highway 13
.mars boy

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COMBAT 84: Send in the Marines

.i'm alright
.violence (remix)
.barry prudom (remix)
.rapist (live)
.world war (live)
.poseur (live)
.combat '84 (live)
.right to choose (live)
.skinhead (live)

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COMBAT 84: Charge of the 7th Cavalry, Live

.combat 84
.world war
.combat 84

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13 GHOSTS: Tribute to the Misfits [EP]

.20 eyes
.astro zombies
.ghouls night
.hollywood babylon
.horror, business

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12 ANGRY STEPS: Innercity Hillbilly Lovesongs

.junkie gambler
.make it bleed
.poor boy
.uncomfortable friend
.she's a whore
.whiskey girl
.naked, steamed & stoned

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HERO DISHONEST: Pleasure Disgust

.for myself
.true beauty
.me ollaan hissimusaa
.forced fed nothing
.fuck all trends
.we give, they take
.sometimes I'm just a big cock
.teacher is just a pet
.(won't be) defeated
.if it's not just laziness
.too easy
.jotain puuttuu
.passion denies what is taught
.unity '99
.don't you fucking get it

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.yet, what do we accomplish
.if i settle for the rats but not for
.never solutions
.if the price is right
.obey your thirst
.destroy everything please
.turha valittaa pienistä
.i've got a reason to live
.crusade for power
.not enough bodybags
.part III let go
.proud to be blue eyed
.vapaan liikkumisen kirous
.don't blame me
.ambition to smile
.let's positive

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES: The Best Of The Peter & The Test Tube Babies

.banned from the pubs
.moped lads
.run like hell
.up yer bum
.elvis is dead
.zombie creeping flesh
.september part. 2
.blown out again
.keys to the city
.louise wouldn't like it
.every second counts

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MERDA: Minha Linda Coleção de EPs do Conjunto Música Rock Merda

.armas de brinquedo
.muito mais pecado, menos religião
.eu não fiz nada
.vai se fuder
.garota louca
.merda core munster band
.my dream was being a monster
.connection traffic sake cachaça samba karaoke
.the secret tunnel
.clube da moca
.e.m.o. (eu me odeio)
.14 horas
.el nuevo hombre
.mamãe costura meus patches
.fuck fake pcs
.violão jogado do 2° andar
.minha droga é jesus
.a polícia (léo canhoto e robertinho cover)

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.max (the millionaire)
.free to kill
.psycho killer
.driven to death
.left me for dead

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G.G. ALLIN: War in My Head & I'm Your Enemy [CD-Single]

1. War in My head & i'm your enemy

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STRAP-ONZ: Fuck Squatter Sympathy [CDEP]

.never been diseased
.fuck squatter sympathy
.ray gun

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DAYCARE SWINDLERS: This Is No Way to Make A Living

This Is No Way to Make a Living compiles the best moments from each of the three albums the Daycare Swindlers recorded for Vile Beat. Jumbled as it is, the collection wavers from dedicated Washington, D.C., hardcore through punk rock to the occasional Operation Ivy-style ska-punk workout. But the band's performances stay strong throughout, with vocalist Noah Waggoner proving to be as adept at a hardcore yawp as he is at a yelping along with a ska upbeat. While the ska-ish numbers like "White Bread" and "Big Show" are fun, the D.C. sound really seems to be the Swindlers' bread and butter. From the hardcore screed of "She Said" (from their 1999 debut) to the shifting dynamics and blood-boiling shrieks of "Petrify," the band's influences and dedication to its hometown scene's signature sound are apparent, and to be applauded. ~ Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide

.prison song
.15 minutes
.she said
.hard times
.31st and m
.white bread
.donkey punch
.zero perfect
.dirt nap
.big show
.one leg two egg
.eggs revenge
.son of egg
.spy vs spy (demo version)
.crystal meth [re-recorded]
.heroin beach [re-recorded]
.paint it black
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.next big joyride
.no stars tonight
.my addiction
.bi polar
.short fuse
.mikey I
.don't wanna sleep
.you bring me down
.hey girl
.yesterdays gone
.the other day

..password: hha

.down the drain
.minimize my faith
.my static
.red blister
.insane today
.sneak attack
.no, no way
.rich bitches in volvos
.april fools

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CRUX: The Oi! Collection

.keep on running
.streets at night
.brighton front
.i'll die with my boots on
.liddle towers
.give us work
.brighton front

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SISTERGODDAMN: [1992] Portrait In Crayon [triple x records]

Feat. Tony Montana (Adolescents), Mat Young (Flower Leperds), Amy Wichmann & Bruce Duff (both ex-Jeff Dahl Group). Great punk with rock influence.

.count backwards from four
.i ain't buyin'
.portrait in crayon
.punch drunk
.poison of april
.sister goddamn
.soda pop
.bought and sold
.quick joey small
.popcorn baby
.seven minutes, thirty-one seconds

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