Friday, July 10, 2009

SHAM 69: [2005] The Punk Singles Collection [captain oi!]

First ever UK round up of every A and B side issued by these Punk legends from their glory days of of 1977-80. Includes all seven of their UK National Chart hits as well as many non LP B-sides. The booklet contains pictures of each single plus ... Full Descriptionmany rare overseas issues. If you only ever buy one Sham 69 CD then this is it!

.i don't wanna
.red london
.what have we got
.borstal breakout
.hey little rich boy
.angels with dirty faces
.the cockney kids are innocent
.if the kids are united
.sunday morning nightmare
.hurry up harry
.no entry
.questions and answers
.i gotta survive
.with a little help from my friends
.hersham boys (single version)
.you're a better man than i
.give a dog a bone
.tell the children
.unite and win
.i'm a man
..password: hha (1): (2):


Toxik Boys said...

Oh yes! this is a classic in my country. Great post.

vid said...

The password doesn't work?
Have used hha and hangoverheartattack
any suggestions? Thanks