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THE PULSES: [2002] The Pulses [dirtnap]

1995. Prior to summer break at the sleepy Upstate New York University at New Paltz, The Pulses form in Jesse and Hassan's dorm room. Dave Ramm and Lawrence Gallagher are present. Jesse spends the summer writing songs and practicing singing while standing and playing in his mother's guest room. Dave sends him a mixtape with some drum fills of his own on it. That fall they begin practicing with Lawrence borrowing James Degrassi's bass amp and Jesse singing through Chris Tanis's guitar amp. The line-up is : Jesse on rhythm guitar and vocals, Hassan Jules Basagic IV on lead guitar, Lawrence Gallagher on bass, and David Detlif Ramm on Drums.
They practice in the basement of the large house that Jesse, Hassan, Dave and Chris Tanis live in with three other dudes right off the Main Street of New Paltz. They have their first show that Halloween at a Halloween party behind a beer distributor. Their song titles include: "Robot Jim", "I'm a Flying Pig", and a long two chord jam song called "Corona" where they are joined by Chris Tanis on his "freak out" machine, a little box that turns sine waves into audible sound.
1996. The Pulses continue to play around New Paltz, including entering into a local Battle of the Bands. Dave Ramm breaks his bass drum pedal at this said Battle, and is not given a replacement. The Pulses did not win. In the summer, Hassan leaves town to go work at a National Park somewhere, and The Pulses play as a three piece for a couple of shows, including a barbeque with old people and babies where they are offered hot dogs as payment. They also take their first photo shoot. In the Fall, Hassan rejoins and all is back to normal. Jesse, Hassan, Dave Ramm and Chris Tanis move into the slums behind the local Beer Distributor, where the "biggest parties are had" and where also all of their parents would be disgusted to visit.
As soon as they move in, a Mexican family moves in and no parties are allowed, thus ruining any reason for living there. There are brief plans made at this point to record in New York City with Lawrence's friend James Murphy (who would later go on to be "famous" as that DFA guy) but these plans were scrapped because Hassan had to pick up his girlfriend at the airport that day. Songs around this time are called "Pacemaker", "Bitchmanji", and "Codeine".

.make the right choice
.move on
.you're still young
.beat some down
.cliqued on
.sister automatic
.metal man
.clone song
.go go machine
.urgent package

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